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I was finally able to check something of my bucket list

I went to a concert with my Sister last Wednesday and made some new friends while I was there


Oooo sounds fun!! What type of concert was it? Congrats on the new friends ^~^ hopefully you will all get to hangout more!


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Electronic /Synth music

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Oooh, lostsoul, that is so exciting! Going to a concert is a really great bucket list item and it’s such a fun bonding experience with your sister. I’m really glad you made some new friends. I hope you are able to build on those friendships. Enjoy yourself! :hrtlegolove: :hrttaylove:

Hallos! Congrats on the new friends and you can always remember the back story of making those friends. When making friends it’s always in the weirdest situation. And will remember the story anyway hey well done for making friends : D

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