I was in a loveless one sided relationship and aft

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I was in a loveless one sided relationship and after it was over I felt so empty because I’d put everything in and got nothing back, the breakup was messy and left me with depression, anxiety and PTSD and this song was like a light in the dark, I resonated so much with the lyrics to the point where my fiancée can hear the hurt and feeling when I sing along with this in the car


Hey there! I’m sorry that you went through the abuse of a loveless relationship, but I am glad you are free from it now and rebuilding. No one deserves to be treated poorly by someone they care for. I wish you the best with your journey in your mental health. Feel free to share more if you ever want/need. <3

Thank you for sharing on HeartSupport. I’m sorry you experienced “a loveless one sided relationship” that left you feeling like a pile of muk. I find music theraputic as well. I’m glad you found someone that cares about the hurt you went through as you let him/her in by showing your feelings through the song. If you ever need a listening ear and someone to care, please post whenever you need or want to.

I’m sorry that you’ve been through such a huge amount of pain with this relationship. That is the complete opposite of what one would expect of love and being in a relationship with someone. It makes completely sense to have been so deeply impacted by it and by how it ended. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you to be in this position of pouring your heart out, of giving so much of yourself without feeling any sense of reciprocity. You were the one piloting the relationship and making it exist, making it alive. But you were not seen truly - even beyond of what you gave, but also simply from who you are. It should have been so very different and you should have been treated in a much more respectful, loving and caring manner. On top of it, you had to deal with the effects of a painful breakup - as if it was adding salt on an open wound.

Thankfully you made it through, and that is so strong of you. You’ve learned to recognize how unbalanced and unhealthy the relationship was, and moving away from this person was also a practical way to recognize your worth and value at a time when it was highly impacted by this person’s behavior. It takes such a huge amount of fierce courage to walk through the fears that this kind of life change generates. For what it’s worth from a stranger like me, I’m so very proud of you for standing still. And even more now for sharing your voice and story!

These wounds will take time to heal, and there will still be a before and an after all of this happened. It’s okay to take the time you need to process, feel and grieve it all. It sounds like you have some good support with your fiance now, and you can be sure that you have the support of our community here at Heartsupport too. Little by little, steps by step - you will learn to replace this part of your life as a chapter in your story, but not something that will limit you anymore. I have faith in you. :heart: