I was just like you

I used to complain to myself about being alone and not having anybody to be around with.
I had a small group of friends but I felt like it didn’t suffice because I would always try to get them to do things but they weren’t always available.
I used to get mistreated by people at school and managers at my part time jobs which ultimately left me an outcast.
I used to be very angry at the world and incline to blame others and cause lots of trouble for myself.

As the years went by with my depression, I started to self reflect, and do some Buddhist meditation.

I came to realize that it was me!

How I projected myself, I only enabled other people’s stupidity. From that I realized that I involuntarily set myself up to be alone and cause myself to hit rock bottom in the long run.

And it worked in the opposite direction too, how they projected themselves continued to enabled me to do bad things and continue in this iteration of negativity.
Based on me being naive.

I followed this logic for a long time and changed my behavior
I can see that I am able to build a life I want for myself. I recently found a lover who loves me very much and are committed to each other and are planning to build a future for ourselves, my lonely days are gone because I made it happen and so can you

I wish the same wise consideration to everybody, and I hope that you are able to understand that everything has cause.
And with that cause comes an effect.

I hope what I said made you think about yourself and ultimately will make you happy

I wanted to share this because I love this forum.
Much love to everybody



Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to share all of this, @Mpast.

It’s interesting to see how much self-reflection can be both needed and useful from time to time. It sounds that you met some parts of yourself that had be acknowledged. Congrats!

I wish you the best on this road towards growth. Also with your partner. :slight_smile:

Take care. :hrtlegolove:

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