I Was Made Uncomfortable

One time when my mom was still with her most recent ex, over a year ago, we were at his place since my brother was at a scouting thing. All three of us were in his room and while my mom was in the room he was feeling my ass. and she LET him do that. It was justified by both of them as him feeling a spot where my eczema happened to flare up. He was also describing the texture and how it differed from hers. He was saying how it was rough and uneven unlike my mother’s which was smooth and soft. I was also being checked out by him. My mother would do nothing about it because to her he was looking at me with a parental type of love. Whenever I would be laying on the couch I would catch him trying to look through my shorts. I knew that my mother would make an excuse for him so I just let it go and moved on. It was very uncomfortable no matter what it was. Whether he was touching my ass, which only happened once, or looking at me, which happened a lot. I’m very, VERY happy that their relationship is over, but it doesn’t erase the fact that it happened.


honestly, reading this made me very angry, no human being should ever be treated like this. I am so sorry this happened to you and that your mom allowed it, it is not okay.

i am glad that he is out of your life, but something like this can be very scaring and traumatic.

you are not alone, there are many people in this community that can support you and understand what you’re going through. this is the right place to reach out and share your story