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I was on medication for anxiety too. Jiu jitsu saved me. 3 years in, no medication, and I’ve learned how to handle and manage my anxiety. More powerful than suppressing it!


That’s awesome to hear! I hope you continue to see positive growth along your journey.

Sooo good to hear how much Jiu jitsu has been a resource and a pillar of strength to you! It is such a special experience to find the one thing that fully aligns with your needs, but also who you are and with your heart. It sounds like this practice has clearly been a huge crutch in your life and I’m so grateful to hear the positive difference it’s made for you. As someone who’s been dealing with anxiety since forever, it surely brings hope and inspiration to my heart to day but to read your words. Anxiety, as much as we want to avoid and suppress it, cannot be ignored or be hidden under the rug. It just happens to be something that is present and that we need to compose with. So much strength in your post and experience. Keep it up, friend!

@heartsupport I feel extremely fortunate to have one experience be my cure. My heart goes out to those who need more than one, and those who haven’t found it. Jiu jitsu forever.

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Absolutely, for some of us it has to be more of a combination of things – I count myself in this category. :smiley: As much as it’s been challenging, it’s been also quite a journey in terms of self-discovery, respect and understanding. Whether we need a unique or multiple assets, we get to understand and treat ourselves better, little by little. It’s such a special gift that we build for ourselves. I hope that, through your own journey, you make sure to also celebrate all the steps taken and the progress made! :slight_smile: