I Was Suprised A Chrstian Band I Just Followed On Social Media Just Messaged Me Back Right Away

Sometimes I feel God talks to me through people I know or though people I don’t even know. I was watching this Christian Rock band called GFM that’s all girl group and I decided follow them on social media because I liked their video and just after I followed like 5 mins later they wrote to me a message about a post I made on something and I was surprised they wrote to me and I’m not even a fan of theirs like I just discovered them like a few mins ago. I get goosebumps like how did they know?


Sounds like it was meant to happen at the right time!! Those good feelings and happy things that fill up the day are the perfect armor to attach to yourself for days that aren’t so great later on down the road. I love your enthusiasm and am glad this happened to you today!



That’s is so sweet of them! They are a good band. The first and the second time I saw them it was two weeks ago at AudioFeed. They done a good performance, took pictures with them, and they treated me kindly. They uploaded a video days ago, I commented, and they responded. It shows how loving they are. I hope their words made you feel loved, my brother.

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They did and to be honest not too many Christians have been nice to me especially since I am very critical about Evangelical Christianity as a Jew

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Not too many people that are Christian bands message you right away. I never heard of them until yesterday when I saw one of their videos.

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That’s so awesome! I love Lacey Sturm. The few times she’s messaged me back or replied to a comment I made on her page, I was just like you. Super excited and like, “Whoa, she got back to me!”


And the funny thing is I’m not even a fan of GFM. I didn’t know they even existed until a few days ago I saw one of their videos on JUCE TV and I decided to follow them on social media.

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