I went to the doctor today. [TW-panic attacks, medication names]

So yea… as the title says, I went to the doctor today. As you can tell, it didn’t go so well.

I have been anxious all day because its been a year since I went to the doctor as as many of you know, I have social phobia. I also have worked from home since March so it has kinda gotten more out of hand than I realized.

Anyway, I got to the clinic for my appointment and they had one of those Covid questionnaires. I wrote that I have a cough because I live in an apartment complex with smokers. So they sent me to the ‘potentially Covid’ wing. By this time I could already feel a panic attack coming but I suppressed it as long as I could. They took my temp and weight and took me to a room.

When they took my blood pressure (which is why I was there-to tell my doctor I can’t get my BP down by myself), my panic attack was nearly peaking and so when they took my BP it read as hypertensive crisis and they started interrogating me about why I wasn’t taking my meds (which I was never prescribed) or getting my refills (which I was never prescribed). So that nurse finally left and about 15 mins later another one came in and took my BP again and it was still really high but it had come down considerably since the first reading.

A bit later my doctor came in and I started crying because of my anxiety and she felt so bad. She said I should have let her know I was having a panic attack and she would’ve brought me something, but I DID tell the nurse my anxiety was super high so…

Anyway, my doc put me on a diuretic and a BP medicine, and she started me on Zoloft for my anxiety and gave me other meds to take if I have a panic attack.

So. I got my meds and accidentally got anxiety meds, which is good but I also had a panic attack and hypertensive crisis so take that as you will I guess.

Thanks for reading guys, I needed to vent. Now I’m tired and I have a headache so I’m going to lay down.

<3 you all.


I hope it helped to vent/share your experience from today. Thank you for being open to sharing it with us! That sounds like a very intense day and panic attacks are already so draining. Props to you for getting to the doctor today and getting through a very stressful appointment. I hope that the new medications help :slight_smile:


Hey @Sapphire,

It’s so good that you finally had the opportunity to see your doctor. <3 I’m sorry for the panic attack though. It’s so exhausting to feel such amount of anxiety in a short span.

How are you feeling today? I hope you got some restful sleep. <3

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I’m really tired today. I didn’t sleep very well.

Throughout the day I started feeling a bit better. My blood pressure is dropping some and the Zoloft woke me up. I was ready for a nap around 11 though. Luckily I got to leave work early today.

I’m glad you were feeling a bit better. <3 I really hope your body will get used to those medications in a gentle way. I know it’s not much, but I’m thinking of you and sending all the hugs.

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