I will never contact a Psychic again

I had a really bad experience with a psychic the other day. I decided to not work with one and I blocked her and than her boss called me from another number and told me if I didn’t pay 400 dollars he was going to posy some videos and pictures of me on social media. I got scared I blocked and reported them. I’m worried it might come out. What should I do?


Hi Ranma, that sounds very scary! I’ve actually heard of this happening to other people in different situations. Where they say they’ll post videos or compromising pictures if you don’t pay. From what I know, the best option is to just block them and not pay. That way they can’t blackmail you into multiple lots of money because even after you pay once, nothing is stopping them from threatening it again. They may be bluffing or they may not. But even if they do post the video, that’s it, they have no other bargaining tool.
I know this information from being part of communities that know about scammers, particularly romance scammers. You’re certainly not the first person to be in this situation and you can get through it!

If this was a computer program, it would be called Ransomware.

This is absolutely correct.

Question: Did you send them photos or videos? If not, it’s plausible to believe that this is an empty threat. I would say, If you never provided them with payment information, personally identifiable information or pics/videos of yourself, you should be fine. This is what makes being a psychic a good route for scamming I suppose - it’s a good way to gently pull information out of people. But again, depending on what you did or didn’t share, I think you will be fine.


I blocked them on my whatsapp and social media I haven’t heard anything from them since ty so much for your concern hugs


I did actually but I deleted them right away

Unfortunately once something is on the internet it’s always on the internet so they may still have those things. Hopefully they weren’t too shocking. Either way I wouldn’t pay them. I still think you’ll be fine. Lesson learned, right?

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Yes indeed never again

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