I wish did not turn my solo project into a band

Again try do anything with my music, it just people treat like it a joke. No one like my music and I try get people they don’t want to take seriously. Like my so called drummer try plan in July, however practice for a month, and there no way we would ready for the show. No one like answers my texts.

Then like so friend love see my project fail, cause I did outside of his stupid band that was a joke. But he get bitchy when I do project that don’t involve him. To before he fucking control, he can’t never say hey it good that your doing your own thing or we not match for music but I’m happy for you. He just bring me down and shit on my way.

Fuck , being in bandmate getting treat like a doormat, bring constantly poke fun of and just being seen as a joke. It into egotistical asshole, that just exposed on social media and just loose my shit. It put into very dark.

All I want just local and just people hear my music. Maybe to have people you are good musician and not been seen as a joke. But people just remind how much I suck ar life.


Man, that sucks. I’m sorry you’re facing so much troubles with your band, and this drummer especially. Whenever a project becomes a group project, the quality of the connections we have with other members is so fundamental. Oftentimes throughout school and work in the past, I felt more productive if I did things on my own. It’s hard to combine collaboration with the needs and realities of everyone’s life.

Good experiences and connections are possible though. When you find your people, it’s such a magical feeling. There’s no need to constantly meta-communicate and explain things, nothing related to personal egos. It just goes smoothly and naturally. I believe we’re all able to sense that type of connection with people around us, although it’s going to be very uniquer each time. All in all, it’s not just tied to the music field. This challenge is part of life and creating group dynamics that function well.

Please don’t let negative comments or other slack of motivation discourage you. Whether it would be with these people or not, your passions, your dreams and projects are always worth pursuing. :hrtlegolove:

Hey there @Metalskater1990
When you are in a band or any group project, there are a bunch of people in it which means a bunch of connections and relationships. That is a great thing but it can also make it complicated to find the right people. Like Micro said, once you find your people it is a fantastic feeling and something that can’t be replaced.

This reminds me of a line from the band Meadows. “Always remember it is the rain that makes the flowers grow. So I’ll pick up the pieces from this shattered heart and tape it to my fists and fight my way out of this hell.” Keep pushing through, and continue to chase your passions. You’ll make it out on the other end. It isn’t easy but I believe in you. I look forward to hearing your music in the future! :slight_smile:

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