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I wish I can take my own life

This life will never get any better, shitty job, homeless living in a tent for 3 months never did that before all because I saw potential in a job. This God I dont understand why I’m here in this circumstance. Just waiting for the end of my life really, I’ve contemplated day after day about this life it’s not even worth living there isnt a day where it’s been good, shitty childhood 23 so many memories and it’s been so cold, I’m tired of living just at the point where enough is enough and I’m tired of this, I’m tired of fighting this feeling everyday for 4 years


I’m not sure if I want to continue anymore

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I’m very sorry about tour current circumstances. I will be praying for you

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Hey @GoldenNuggs42,

How’s today been?

You are so special and valuable to this world. Life is shit sometimes and I don’t understand why, but I know there has to be some reason to hang on even if it’s just to dare the world to be better. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or tonight even! Your life is so special- YOU are so special.

I struggle with suicidal thoughts too. Even as I write this a piece of me feels like a hypocrite, but maybe if I tell you, I can believe it for myself.

Don’t give up. We can do this.

Hold Fast,

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I’m sorry that things are really difficult right now my friend. That’s really rough. I can understand why you feel so tired. I just want you to know that I see you. I hear you. And while I cant resolve the things going on, I do care. It’s been 3 days since you posted this and I wanted to check on you. Reach out. I am thinking about you and hope that you are doing okay. Stay strong my friend, I know life can be hard sometimes but you are worth living for. You deserve to find happiness and success. Sometimes all we can do is take it one day at a time, but we are here if you need to talk. Okay? You don’t have to go at it alone.

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Hey @GoldenNuggs42

Thank you for being here. The fact that you managed to let this out of your chest is important. You did the right thing.

I’m so sorry to hear about the obstacles that are piling up in your life right now. Your exhaustion, your feelings, are absolutely valid.

I know the struggle of being homeless as I too have experienced this years ago and it lasted a bit less than a year. I won’t ever forget how it feels and all the things it implies when you’re in this situation. So my thoughts go to you right now. You mentioned living in a tent, but do you know if there are any services that might be able to provide you some help or day/night shelters near where you live? I know the conditions aren’t usually the best in those places, but it can help you to catch some rest at least and be in a safer place, even momentarily. Also is there anyone in your surroundings who could welcome you at their home? Sometimes we’re afraid and ashamed to ask while some people are really willing to help without any judgment.

Please don’t blame yourself if you took some risks for a job. The past is the past. What is important now is to find ways to improve your situation with the resources that you have. Don’t hesitate to knock at some doors, ask for informations and help available. You don’t deserve to stay in this situation.

I’m also really sorry to hear about your childhood. Mine has be impacted by traumatic moments as well and it’s insanely difficult to carry the memories of it as an adult. We grew up too fast. And being tired of it makes sense. But we’re alive, despite the obstacles. And nothing is written already friend. Things can get better. This season of your life isn’t meant to last forever. So please hang in there, keep reaching out. You matter. Your life matters. And you are not alone right now. We’re in this with you.

Sending love your way. :heart:

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I’m still alive… thanks for the messages the only thing that changed was that I got the full time promotion at work but im still stuck and I still am struggling if not worse I dont see my life to be of value but I just live it and hope something is good anything at all.

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