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I wish I could Leave


Hey guys. I’m sorry about my last post… I panicked really bad that night and really thought everything was falling apart. My boyfriend hasn’t left and says he won’t, but who knows at this point. He always says he will and won’t… I just don’t know what to believe. My house is literal hell and I can’t escape it. My only escape is school and I hate school with a passion. Sigh. Wish I could just escape.


You will one day. Don’t give up. :slight_smile:


Hey Friend,

It sounds like you are very overwhelmed. That sounds like an incredibly stressful and anxiety inducing environment to be in. I am sorry that things seem so unsteady. It takes a lot of strength to fight despite what you are going through. I admire that a lot. Besides school, are there any other things you can do to kind of help you escape and find some sort of calm when things at home start to get overwhelming?

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Thank you very much :heart:


Thank you so much! And sadly no not really :frowning:


Of course! Maybe you’ve already tried this, but I have found journaling to help a lot. So if you haven’t tried that, maybe that could potentially be helpful?


I haven’t, maybe I’ll give it a tryn