I wish I could spend more time here

I see so many people’s postings I’d like to answer, but I end up getting too tired to think or write. I hope no one feels “slighted” when I respond to some but not other postings. Feel free to message me if you want.


It’s okay if you can’t respond to everyone, @Wings. We objectively can’t do that, as individuals. Both because it would be too draining and not necessarily relevant for people who post here. That’s also why we act as a community - when one left a post unanswered, someone else will respond to it at some point, and there is something comforting in this thought.

You have a big heart. Your presence and commitment are very much appreciated. Just like each of the words of encouragement you have shared around here. Make sure to care for yourself too. :hrtlegolove:


Hi @Wings its always such a pleasure to see you and read your replies too which is why I am replying here. Although you feel that you are not responding to as many as you would like please be assured that many many more than the person that you respond to including myself click on your replies just to read your wonderful words of wisdom and kindness so they reach many more than just that one person. You have the most amazing gift of making people feel like you are talking only to them and they are the most important person who is capable of great things and when the going gets tough there is always hope. You truly are a blessing certainly in my opinion.
Much Love Lisa. xx

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It’s okay not to respond to everyone’s postings. No one should feel slighted in you not responding to them because there are some people’s posts I cannot touch because someone else will respond knowing the best things to say.


Hi Wings,
It’s totally okay to ensure that you’re not overburdened or burnt out trying to reply to everyone. I’d like to say that your influence and wisdom are infused in the responses I contribute because I’ve learnt so much from you!

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I really love seeing your posts because you put so much care and thought into them. I know that you would give the very same care to everyone if you could, but there’s a whole community here. Some days when things get hectic and overwhelming, it’s okay to rely on others.
The fact that you’re there and willing to help even one person is just so generous and kind of you! You’re appreciated!

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Hello @Wings , I never once felt slighted in the periods of time you have supported me. You should not worry about that, you have your limits, and that’s okay! You are so very generous with the wisdom you share to others. I hope you take care and are well :heart:

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Thank you all! I appreciate the inspiration you bring to me. There is an infusion of Spirit here, which inspires even those who are hurting to care about others. This forum is a rare miracle, due to the level of kindness present.

You bring out the best in me.

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I love the support you give to everyone here. You’re pretty awesome.

You couldn’t be more right. This is the ONLY support forum I’ve found where people genuinely care and the only agenda they have is to help others. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m glad you’re here :rose:


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