I wish i could talk to you you seem so understandi

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I wish i could talk to you, you seem so understanding…my mind is is packed full of unanswered emotions and problems i been buried since i xan remember

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Hello Friend

Thank you so much for your comment. It must feel incredibly overwhelming to have a mind that is “packed full of unanswered emotions and problems” the lack of uncertainty, knowledge and of where to find those answers, it is almost like being in a maze, knowing that somewhere there is a way out or maybe just someone to help you but every time you get to a corner you dont know who or what awaits, if it will help or hinder, should you fear it or not and ultimately which way do you go next? That is exhausting isnt it?
With any problem for me I take it right back to the beginning, I break it down, if there is something wrong with the car you dont smash it to pieces, you break it down piece by piece until you find the part that is not working properly. Its the same with life problems. I make a list of the things that I think are the problem and work out which ones really are and which ones are just because I am already upset, I let go of the them and focus on the ones or one that ultimately is hurting or the biggest issue.
This all sounds very easy and ideal and of course where emotions are concerned it is never easy but if you can step back and look at it as a job i.e fixing the car and let go of some of it emotionally its a little easier.
There is a quote that says “you can’t do big things if you are distracted by small things” I wonder if that is why you feel you have been buried for so long, feeling shut in a dark space with nothing but your thoughts, no one can hear you and you can hear no one, that is a scary place to be. You deserve to be heard and today I hear you (we) hear you, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was your moment to leave that space, you lean’t out enough to write your post and that is huge. I hope you know how much you deserve to be loved and to be helped to find your answers. Good luck to you. Lisa. x

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Hey friend, please feel absolutely welcome and safe to unpack your thoughts and feelings here. This is a safe place and a safe community to share with. I can feel through your words here just how heavy are the burdens that you’ve been carrying. You absolutely deserve to let it out. Rest assured that you only have friends here who care about your well-being. You’re not alone. :heart: