I wish I had a group of friends

I always see people out having fun with friends or I hear people talk about going out, and doing fun stuff with friends I just wish I could have experiences like that. But I’m to awkward and shy and honestly it’s been so long since I’ve engaged or interacted with someone who isn’t family that I probably couldn’t make new friends if I wanted to.


Hello lonelyfreak,
thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts.
It is hard to make new friends, i know that feeling very well. I was extremely isolated the last
couple of years.
But it is possible, you can do that. Don’t expect it to happen fast and make little progress.
Maybe you have a hobby or at work where you can join a conversation and then you can
build up from that. You did that with your work outside. step by step. Don’t do to much.
Write it down for yourself, post your progress here. You will see how you grow and everything will
come to place.
Have a nice day my friend and feel hugged,

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From: I Am Reclaimer

Hey Friend, I’m right there with you with the awkward and shy part. It makes meeting new people really hard, though there are people like you that would love company. have you looked into apps like meetup, where you can find activities you may like to do while meeting people and potentially fostering new relationships? This process takes some time, but it is possible. Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone if you have to and try offering to other people to do things or to meet up! You never know what will happen!

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Are you awkward and shy, or just introverted? It isn’t unusual for an introvert to feel uncomfortable and awkward in social situations. Self acceptance and awareness that you have a right to be and feel exactly as you do, will help you feel more confident around people, although as an introvert, you might always need to take people in small doses.

It’s not easy to make friends while feeling shy and uncomfortable. Stepping out of a comfort zone, or an introverted state of mind, takes a bit of nerve/courage. Think of it as though you’re diving into a cool lake. You may feel apprehensive, knowing the cool water will shock you, but then it begins to feel more comfortable, then you can have some fun.

Another very important consideration is, are you in circumstances where meeting other people is possible? If your lifestyle makes opportunities to meet others difficult, it might be worth joining a group, or get a hobby that provides an opportunity to meet others.

A lot of people have work friends who they spend time with outside of work. Others go to clubs and bars, but those efforts tend to be disappointing, especially if you’re like me and don’t drink. Members of volunteer organizations tend to become friends.

There’s this thing called “Nextdoor,” which has groups connected to it, and it’s focus is strictly local. Here’s a link: Nextdoor

All the best, Wings