I wish that I could move far away from here/ I'm tried of my own siblings treating me like trash

So I took my puppy outside to go potty and he had diarrhea, and then he sat down on top of his watery poop and smeared it all his self so I picked him up and put him put him in the tub rinse them off and give him a bath, I told my brother that he had diarrhea and got it all over him self and that I had to give the puppy a bath.
My brother yelled at me and said “You don’t need to give him a bath because he got poop all over him self!”
“You need to just use a wet towel and clean the poop off that way!”. “You only need to give him a bath once a month!”. " You can’t over bathe him!“. " Dogs need the natural oil to protect themselves!”. “You’re hurting him!”

Yesterday morning, I took my puppy outside to go potty, and when I told him it’s time to come inside, he ran under my right leg, tripped me and I fell on my left side on the ice, later on that day my brother Bronson had my brother hunter on speaker phone and I told hunter that my puppy tripped me and I fell." He told he that I need to watch where I was going.“. I told him that’s hard to do because he’s so small. He told me that” dogs running under people and tripping them over is normal behavior for dogs of all sizes." Then he told me that it was my fault that my puppy tripped me and that I deserved it." Then hunter started laughing at me and telling me that " you need to understand that dogs are a lot of work." ( He said that because he likes to treat me like I’m stupid) and then Bronson started laughing me as well.

On Monday Evening, I told my brother Bronson that I was going to start doing pushups, and he told me that I can’t do even a single pushup because I’m a girl, I told him that I don’t need to prove to him that I can do pushups, so I tried it was hard at first and I collapsed on the floor and my brother started laughing at me and said I knew you couldn’t do it, I got frustrated, but I kept trying again anyways eventually I was able to push through and accomplish what I was set out to do, I was tried and swore but it was worth it.

I’m just frustrated, I don’t appreciate it when people treat me like I’m stupid, they think that because I have Asperger’s (Autism) Schizophrenia, ADD, Anxiety disorder, I will never be able to live on my own, learn how to drive, be a mental health advocate, by bringing awareness on schizophrenia, or volunteer at a animal sanctuary , that I should stop being vegan, that I won’t be able to reach my goal which wanting is be a vegan for 10 years. Or be an animal rights activists.

( I’ve been vegan for 4 years now, I’m so close to reaching my goal.)


Hello @SadSchizophrenic_x ,

I’m so sorry your brothers treat you so poorly, it’s very sexist and unfair to you to be treated this way. Regarding your dog, as long as you’re not bathing him frequently, he’ll be fine. It’s just like washing your hair. I’m sorry your puppy accidentally tripped you, and I’m sorry your brothers were so cruel to you about doing a push-up— I applaud you for showing him up, but just know you have nothing you need to prove to him.

Regardless of how your brothers treat you, you’re doing fantastic with your goals already. Don’t let them talk you out of your hopes and dreams. Plenty of people with the same conditions also achieve those same things.

We’re all rooting for you.


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing with us. I’m so frustrated for you! Your brothers really should know better than to treat you like that (especially given that you’re not doing anything wrong – you’re taking care of Grimley well). This sounds exceptionally frustrating and upsetting, but I’m proud of you for pushing through all this. It sounds like you have a good understanding of your goals and are making great progress there; that’s awesome. I hope things are feeling a bit better now and that your brothers start treating you better in the future.

<3 Tuna

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I agree it is very sexist and unfair that they treat me that way, It’s how I’ve been treated for several years now, it’s unfortunate that they have such a nihilistic/ narcissistic warped view.

It’s hard to know your worth when you constantly have to live up to the expectations of others. Like for example; when I was a kid my grandma told me that she wants me to force my older siblings to go to church and read scriptures and pray to God. For years I went to church, prayed, read scriptures, got baptized, in my mind I thought that me being baptized would set me apart from my older siblings, I was forced to tell my second older sister to stop smoking and drinking, and pray to God, and to tell her that if she refused that she would end up in hell. I felt awful for being forced against my will to say that to her and being forced to reiterate it again to my oldest brother and sister.

Years later I made a huge mistake and told my bishop that I have schizophrenia. He told me that I don’t have that, and said that I was possessed by demons and that needed to have an exorcism.

At my old church ward in Utah, I was told by the other kids that I was ugly and that I should kill myself, I got so upset that I told my mom that I didn’t want to go back to church anymore but she didn’t listen, and said don’t be silly.

When I was eleven I went to girls camp, on the second day there me along with group of about 4 or 5 others hiked up to the outhouses we told that the grime on the inside of the outhouses has like our sins and by cleaning the inside of the outhouses was like repentance and becoming one with Christ. I asked what if I don’t want to do it? The leaders told me " then you’ll burn in hell forever!" And they and the girls pushed me in the outhouse, closed the door and duct taped the whole door shut, and then they left my in there, for several hours, then they came back removed the duct tape from the door and I ran away crying, locked myself in the nearest cabin and cried and stayed there until the next day.

When I was 13 my young women’s leader would take my home every Tuesday night after mutual and every Tuesday she would tell me that I’m too skinny and ugly, that I should burn in hell, that I should hurt myself, she would tell me to go kill myself, she threatened that she would come into my grandma’s house in the middle of the night and go to my room drag me out of my bed across the floor and outside, so she could stab me with a knife and leave me there for the wolves to devour me whole. She threatened to burn my grandma’s house down therefore killing everyone inside, she would come around my side of her car in drag out and put my arms and legs in locked position with her hands and kick me ribcage my stomach and she would also kick and punch my legs. Church was awful people there were judgement and rude, I heard a couple of ladies talking about me one of them asked should that awkward little girl go kill herself and the other one said yes I agree that she should. When I was 15 years old it was a combined Church activity we were cleaning up the ririe cemetery and one of the members of the bishopric came over to the other side of the cemetery and walked up to me and proceeded to touch me inappropriately, I was mortified, I pushed him away, it was awful, I told my grandparents what happened and they didn’t believe me. When I was 18 I lost one of my young womans leaders to cancer.
I started listening to sad music and I started to dress in darker clothes. When I was 19 started listening to bands like black veil brides, falling in reverse I was called a satanist, told that I was going to hell, everything that I bought from stores like Hot topic they threw everything from band shirts to magazines, CDs it was awful. This lasted for several years. when I was 21 years old I told my grandma that I wanted to be vegan, for years I got treated like trash for it. Which leads me to now, I’ve been vegan for 4 years now, and I’m straight edge.
And won’t let any of my family members tell how I’m supposed to live my life.

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I appreciate it you telling me that I’m doing a great job taking care of my puppy.

As for my brothers, it would be nice if they had treated me with respect, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen.

And also what I tired of doing is having to clean the bathroom at 9 pm every night, I feel like I’m being abused.

And my brother thinks that he knows everything, and he treats our mom like trash, thinks he’s a doctor, telling her what she can and can’t eat, and to cut down on her meds and eventually stop taking them.

And he doesn’t want me to be on medication and he doesn’t think that I need to take medication anymore.

He’s extremely manipulative.

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Ah, sorry to hear that you don’t expect this relationship to improve. That sounds like such a frustrating place to be in; it really can be so upsetting when others around us start acting like they are “doctors” or know best, even though they frankly don’t.

We’re here for you and are rooting for you here on the Forum. Thanks again for the reply and for sharing with us.

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Yesterday evening when I got home, my mom told me that my puppy was put in his crate, and that he was freaking out, he was in there for awhile, when I got my chores done, I took him outside to go potty and he just stood there like a a statue and didn’t move at all, so I picked him up and put him inside, put him back in his crate and called grandma. And I told mom that I was going to call PETA ( their an animal rights organization)

I told her that I was going to call them and have them take the puppy away and my grandma said no I won’t let you do that, I got frustrated and hung up on her, then she called my brother and iterated everything back to him that while I already said to her, then he hung up on her went upstairs. I was sitting on floor next to my door and he hit my back side really hard. then him and I got a fight and he took my phone away and put it in his pocket, I made a huge mistake and told him that I slit my wrists and I put my wrists behind my back, he kept yelling at me to show him my wrists, he repeated himself 3 times and then he reached behind my back and tricked both my wrists forward and yelled at me some more, and so I caved in and told him that I cut my wrists with I razor that I bought when I was by staying at my grandma’s house earlier on last year. And he told me that if I keep doing it that he was going to take Grimley away and have my go to I knew family.
Then we got in a another fight about about foreigners going into native Americans land and killing them and he said that killing them was what’s necessary, in about how they chose to be a crappy reservations. This lasted for several hours. I got frustrated on told him that that violence and killing people doesn’t solve anything. And he got volatile and angry and then we got into another fight, I got so upset that I was I was contemplating on not wanting to live anymore, went I went to bed I couldn’t sleep because my depression was unbearable and I was stressed out and I had horrible nightmares
me cutting myself and the police being called and me getting taken away and Grimley getting taken away to a new family and that the new family was evil and killed Grimley and devoured him whole, I woke up sweating and my depression got worse …