I wish we didn’t have to mourn

I really do wish we did not have to mourn those we love. People, animals, even life. It’s something I’ve never found easy. Co-workers who are sick and who’ve passed, family, friends and beloved pets.
Having recent news of a co-worker who is terminal and thinking about my little cat friend. It gets a bit overwhelming some times.
Sometimes it takes me down a darker path and I fear u won’t be missed so much as I miss those gone.
I know that’s ridiculous talk. There’s a lot to love in life. There’s also a lot to mourn


I am working in a big company. Recently an employee, who i knew for about 10 years, passed away.
That hit a lot of people hard, including me. Some can take that better than others.

I don’t think thats ridicilous, its part of life.
People who love you or maybe people who you dont expect, will miss you.
Life is beautiful, life can be overwhelming.
Maybe it helps you a little bit, have a nice day and feel hugged my friend,


Hope you’re doing okay and find comfort here. You’re always welcome to share how you’re feeling here and I’m glad you posted


I have lost a few over the years, an aunt who died very sudden and unexpected and young. Another uncle who was not young but died very sudden and it could have been prevented, so unnecessary. My grandmother who lived a long life and got to be very old but suffered in the end. And my pet cat, my one and only, I was there when she was born. I was a struggling teenager and suddenly there came this precious creature into my life which I was allowed to take care of for over 17 years. I always felt like she was the one that kept me going. I had this responsibility, and now I owe it to her to take care of myself as well.

A very wise friend once told me: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

I realised, the opposite of fear of loss is gratefulness.
We cannot keep everything forever. That’s why it’s important to make the moments in life count. Spend time with loved ones, tell them how you feel. No regrets. <3


I wish I felt the same about losing someone. The closest person I’ve lost was my grandma. She always called me her ‘Marilyn Monroe’ brings tears to my eyes just thinking it.

I moved away from home back in 2014. She passed 2 months after I moved. I remember having this feeling that I NEEDED to talk to her. So I called her up while she was in hospital and told her how I felt. 4 days later she passed. It did bring tears to my eyes and I wasn’t able to attend the funeral. Had I not called her? I probably would have take her death a lot worse. Making thay call was closure for me.

I worked in a nursing home for 2 yrs when I was about 19 20. Death came in 3s. And it happened alot. I didn’t get close to any residents. I think that might have helped in a way to not feel? Much during death. But Idk ya know? You just never know.


You’re all so wonderful and kind! Thank you so much.
@Croghan oh my goodness, the rule of 3 is crazy isn’t it?
I have seen it so many times myself!

I know it’s normal to mourn and to get sad sometimes, and I’m learning to be okay with that side of myself more and more.
@Symphony thats so true! It’s so important to celebrate the lives we get blessed to be a part of!

Thank you also @Aardvark and @nicole_kaley for your lovely thoughts and for your big hearts x


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