I worry about my job again

Where to begin…

Last night I was working at my job, just clean my rooms and was about clean the bathroom. My co workers ( boss) come out break room drunk and high. He eat a metal tv wire and throw it area my hallways. About 10 minutes later he said leaving for the night. I left him be for a few minutes. Then later he kick through my f’ing glass door. I was depending to call 911 , but co worker told me don’t. It just f’ing shit show, the drunk asshole refuse to take responsibility for his acts and he want me to lie for him. I literally could lose my job, for some stupid actions. I thought he was my friend, he put me into a bad place. I will rat him out, I don’t care if he has a pregnant wife, he should thought of that before he had messed with me. F him. He deserves to be fire over this, but he won’t cause his know someone in the system.

He betrayed me, I don’t forgot being disrespected and losing everything I work hard for


your feelings are valid and I’m sorry that you’re in a tough spot. Let’s see how we can help you through this now.


I understand , it just he might get away cuase politics town stuff.


I’m sorry this sound offensive, I just seeing red cuase I’m hurt with my co worker


Thank you for editing that out. I am one to believe that throwing out those kinds of insults isn’t productive for anyone, but there are ways to resolve and be productive about it.
Is this the same incident as in the other post? Just clarifying because otherwise that’s a lot of people breaking a lot of things. Honestly would probably just leave that environment


all good, thank you for editing the post.

I know you were feeling a lot of emotions at the time. :slight_smile:
I appreciate the fact that you did that, even while you’re hurting. That means a lot to me, thank you again.

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Is he driving drunk? If so, he needs to be stopped. After he leaves, call 911 and tell them a drunk guy just drove away from your location. The police won’t tell him who called. If he’s not driving erratically, they won’t pull him over at all. You’ve survived there for quite a while already, and I think they recognize your value.

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