I wrote this as a vent and i need people to support on getting past feeling like this

Dear ex
i loved you I believe that you loved me back
I have all these feelings Built up love doesn’t just disappear once you get feelings for u seeing u lose feelings for me makes me doubt anything we ever had if anything you said was real if you actually did love me. When I saw you moved on so fast to one of my mates none the less that i had to figure it out and then hearing that you kissed him after not kissing me for 3 months it pissed me off it made me hate him one of my friends, I now hate you but I love you I hate the I love you, yes ik that I just quoted a song but it’s how I feel, ik It has been a while since we broke up but I have bottled so much up it all comes out in one hit and it is anger, sadness and confusion, I told you to listen to the song lucid dreams because it says everything I had going through my head.
I have tried to move on but the girl I have a crush on I set up with one of my mates and she sees me as a brother so that’s never happening

HI friend,
i know it’s hard moving past someone, especially when you still have feelings for them. It’s not an easy process. It takes time and lots of perseverance and patience. But eventually we let go.
Try to see the good and the positive in your life right now and be thankful for that… The past is gone, i know it’s hard to not grieve over it (it’s totally understandable!). But God’s gotta good plan for your life and He knows what’s best. Things will be okay. You will be okay.
Hold fast and Praying for you!

thank you so much that makes me feel a bit better thank you for praying

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Listen I’ve been here before. Twice actually. I had a girlfriend of 3 years just walk out of our apartment and I didn’t see her for a whole year. By that time I picked myself up off the ground. You may think at the moment this person is the love of your life but honestly if she was she would be by tour side right now. Time to move on. After all the crying and sleeping for a year straight I met a girl and now it’s 10 Yeats later and we have 2 children. If she is not giving it back it’s time to be strong and move on. Listen to the band times of grace. They got me through so much in my life.