I'd rather live with the cockroaches

I just had a autistic melt down cuz I’m overwhelmed by the negativity from my mom how I’m both my mom and brothers maid butler and grocery shopper


Hey friend. It sounds that life has been quite difficult at home lately with your family. You seem exhausted and in this context it makes completely sense to have a meltdown – I would imagine that your thoughts, emotions and senses get saturated when there is so much pressure put on you every day and so much frustration that can barely be released.

Do your mom and brothers realize how is the dynamic between you all? Would it be possible at all to talk with them all and see how you could divide the tasks at home so it’s not all on you?

Sending love your way today. :hrtlegolove:

hi friend, thank you for sharing and reaching out. the feeling of overwhelm results often when you don’t let your
toughts, worries and struggles out. when your mind has too much. when you are surrounded by negativity and
bad emotions, feelings it can be too much for us. far more often that we would like.
i feel sorry to hear that. what Micro said could help a lot. to have a converstation with you all. with no emotions
in it. and so speak that out what worries you. can be hard, with family even more, but you will feel relief afterwards.
take your time and don’t put pressure on you all. you deserve so much more and all good in this world.
you matter. you are loved, by your family and friends. feel hugged my friend. :purple_heart:

My mom’s stuck in a loop of being miserable and just complaining all the time and my brother says I should be grateful and do more like move his laundry from the laundry room mto his room cuz “he keeps the roof over my head and pays for the internet”

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Hi there @Derpplup,

Thank you for sharing with us. It makes so much sense to be overwhelmed given the challenges with your family dynamic. I would imagine that it’s pretty tiring to continue going through these for such a long time! I’d suggest trying to have a proactive conversation with your brother about what you have time for versus what you’d like him to do to see if you can come to a consensus around who should do what.

You’re valued and loved here, and I’m sorry that you continue to experience these challenges with your family. Thank you again for sharing.

<3 Tuna

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See that’s the issue we agreed on things when we lived together in the trailer and he did none of it I lived in that trailer for over a year and never once did he hold up his side of the bargain all’s he did was buy food and take out the trash he never cleaned the bathroom once or his room till the day before we moved out there’s no reconciliation with him he wants me to be his wife and clean the house and cook and clean his clothes

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Ah got it, @Derpplup, thank you for sharing. I’m sorry to hear that; that really sounds like such a tough situation.

Sending lots of love :hrtlegolove: