Idk any more

I guess I just do things for people and when they are inconsiderate I thorough it in their face by telling them what I do for them or why I’m upset. Idk I feel like I’m a disappointment to my family and I don’t know what to do. I honestly feel like running away


What happened? Are you ok?


The other night my brother asked me to take him to the gym and he got pissy when I told
Him it was time to go so I can go to bed when I normally do and it’s all the time with him and my mom


It sounds like you are being taken for granted. This happens a lot in families. The unspoken message is “we are related, so I expect this from you, and I don’t have to say thank you.”

That happened a lot in my family. I had a really hard time saying no, but sometimes I did, and they couldn’t change my mind. Feeling angry or resentful about being taken for granted can ruin your day, but they are likely to shrug it off, and in a lot of cases, decide that you are being unreasonable. The thing is, those who will take you for granted, have yet to gain the emotional maturity to appreciate you. So, they are who they are, and getting upset about it won’t change anything.

Eventually, they will mature, and may learn to appreciate you, but even if they don’t, you won’t have to put up with it forever.

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It just plays a major role in my mood everyday and it’s not the best but idk what to do


It’s hard to ignore such negative stuff within a family. I doubt there is much you can do about how they act. The thing to work on is how you react emotionally. Remind yourself that you are free to choose how you react. For example, when your brother got pissy with you, what would happen if you just shrug your shoulders and said “okay, find your own way home.” If doing that is not an option, perhaps resolve to no longer take him to the gym.

If the only way they are not disappointed in you is if you let them take advantage of you, perhaps the better option is to let them be disappointed. It’s not fair that their behavior makes you want to run away.

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That’s the thing when we were arguing I told him I’m not taking him anymore if we can’t be home before 10 and he said I’ll find my own way and then he said I was holding me taking him to the gym over his head

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It is healthy to have boundaries and I’m proud you was able to voice that you won’t take him if you won’t get home before 10!


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