Idk anymore

I feel like at this point i have no friends :confused: one of my friends completely stopped talking to me…hah… my other friend rarely talks to me, i understand if they’re busy…everyone tells me that but i feel so stuck in my head, i really like talking to them but i really feel like they dont like talking to me. Im fine with no friends i just hate feeling immense lonliness, i wish i had shit to do then i wouldnt always be thinking.


Sorry about the loneliness. It’s been a rough year for social interaction. I think covid has caused a pervasive underlying anxiety in the world. I think a lot of people respond to it by becoming more introverted. That might be at least part of the issue with your friends. Still, if you go too far in pursuing an interaction with them, those interactions may occur even less often.

What kind of shit do you like to do?



It sucks when it feels like you’re bothering others while interacting with them. I’m sorry you’re feeling alone, friend. Somehow you know you’re not, but it’s not always easy to shake those feelings and thoughts.

There’s a high chance that, objectively, your friends enjoy your presence but are indeed busy. Whenever we’re anxious, afraid to be a burden or just in a dark place, we’re more likely to focus on small details and nourish them with our fears. A friend who’s not answering becomes, for example, someone who doesn’t want to spend time with us, while there might be a lot of other reasons behind the absence of response And as Wings said, we’re also going through a weird time with this pandemic that makes a lot of people feeling drained and overwhelmed. It’s probably not a “you” problem, and more a mix of circumstances.

I hope you take care of yourself and do things you enjoy though. Loneliness is terrible, but once you turn it into solitude, it can be a wonderul opportunity to treat yourself well, to recharge and enjoy what this life has to offer. You can learn to be a safe presence to yourself, at your own pace.

In any case, you’re not alone. I know it’s not the same as having someone physically there or interacting on a regular basis, but you also have friends right here, and your presence is appreciated. Let us know how it goes for you, if you’re okay with it. :hrtlegolove:

Though a new friend can never replace an old friend, I promise to be your friend, and support you, even though I don’t know you in real life.


thank you i would like that a lot :slight_smile:

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