Idk how to confront my friends. What to I do to get clean?

I learned about heartsupport through a band just liked them so much did research found this. So I am just reaching out to get help I am not good with confrontation, but ive had enough of being used. I realized these people aren’t my friends anymore ive always been supporting us with money to get the weed cocaine acid, and ya know this life is getting boring but idk it changed from I don’t want to live anymore sad edgy to what can I make of this life, what do I desire.

Idk I really desire to have a normal life without addiction I have nothing on my record. It would be cool to do a 180. I desire for relationships with people that just won’t use me and would actually be a friend that does care. Maybe I’m overthinking too especially to want to have a family someday.

I tried to go to churches but these churches say one thing and do something completely different something isn’t right. I know how people are I can’t make a blame on religion based on dumb people. I’ve been shamed for opening about drugs but I’ve only opened because I thought I would be ready to get help but it put me in a bad place and did all the more drugs because I’ve felt hurt people suck sometimes.


hello there new friend,
I’m really glad you found us!

You sound like you’re ready to move on to a happier new adventure and that is so awesome!
It sounds like you’re doing an awesome job of reaching out and looking for the best places to be to get a footing on this new life. So big congrats on that. I’m sorry that you encountered a few persons who were not helpful/were judgmental. That’s why we’re here! We’re here to support you and cheer you on, and to listen to you and be a safe space.

I’m sorry that you’ve felt shames for opening up. In that regard, please know that we 100% know that you and your life matter, and that there is so much possible for you.

Are you struggling with the addictions still, or have you already gotten a handle on them?
Would joining a recovery group be helpful in getting you in touch with others who are in the same stage as you, and who understand the importance of opening up and making choices that will get you closer to your new dreams and hopes?

Looking forward to hearing from you, if you’re comfortable with that of course! I’m excited for what life holds for you. :slight_smile: Welcome in again!

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I mean I have drugs sitting in front of me just been staring at them for a bit everytime I pass by the table. I’ve been doing it for 3 years but I want to do it so bad but at the same time man I’m just so tired of feeling empty. I have the choice to keep doing it and feeling like garbage or quit right then and there but the questions I have

How can I get rid of it? Would a recover group actually help and where do I look for one?


it depends, i think, on what kind of support and follow-through you need to help you accomplish what you want.
Do you know what your version of detoxing will be like? That sometimes can be tough, and support is useful then,

A group would help give you structure and come from a place of really knowing where you are, and how to get where you’re going.
If you read up online on the stage you can expect yourself to go through, and you think you manage them alone, that should be okay too, but it could be easier as part of a community that is built around overcoming addiction. But never be afraid to ask for help!

If you still got the stuff on hand, can you safely dispose of them? And not go out for more when the urges hit?

Just want to add that I’m super proud of you for taking this first brave step!!
I did a quick search, found this, it’s a lot of reading but it gives an idea of how to tackle it.

Hoping others jump in with some more resources that they know work for sure.

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I don’t know but I think ill look for a community I don’t think I need rehab it. I dont need it as a fix but I’ve used it because of depression thats how I got into it. Friend were just like I got something that would make you feel better… but the withdrawal is going to be absolutely miserable I bet.

The good news is I am moving to a different area for work location so maybe churches out there I guess. I’ll take a look at this guide.


wishing you lots of luck and success, we’re here for you through the whole process, and I hope you’ll let us know how it’s going.

A move sounds like a lovely way to get new location, new environment, and all the changes you want to have for yourself!

So I contacted the police ya know I said I have a question its more like so I have these drugs right now im not trying to get charges or anything in possession but im trying to get clean can you take these things away from me? I walked to the police station turned those things in which I was kinda very scared to do ya know but the one person said well youre the first person well at least in this area to do this.

I was scared paranoid to drive even to move so I said why not call them. So I mean that was my first step. And my second step I found churches in the area im moving to not too long ago and kinda helped out with information. And what not it turns out they have a recovery program and church on Fridays but meeting the person Wednesday just gonna drive all the way out there and have a meeting. Talk about these things


hot dang!! THAT WAS SO BRAVE!!
that’s so brave that I wouldn’t even had thought of it as a suggestion of a safe way to get rid of the drugs. You just taught me a great piece of advice that I shall share in the future, thank you for that, friend!

My mind is kind of blown right now, not gonna lie! I’m grinning at the screen right now. These were amazing steps already!

I hope you do some wonderful self-care things for yourself today! well done, you! :slight_smile:

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Well that depends, I don’t necessarily trust cops in general to be honest but these were good if they call the operator and explain to them is their best bet. For one I would recommend rehab all the way. I might even put myself into rehab just really afraid of the withdrawals

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yeah the withdrawals stage is gonna be a bit rough, but you got this friend. maybe being in rehab will give you a safe place to ride out the withdrawal symptoms. Just keep the dreams of what you want for yourself really clear in your mind and let that keep motivating and inspiring you during the detox.

I’m really rooting hard for you!

Thanks again for the help I sat down and talked to my.manager about this too they were understanding about me going to rehab so they gave me their direct contact just incase and used my vacation too to cover the days said to take as long as It’s needed. So if you don’t hear from me I’m headed to rehab



Thank you for the update! This is good progress again! I look forward to hearing from you whenever you’re able to. Good luck, friend @DeadlyKnowledge! Wishing you success in this :slight_smile:

if your not at rehab you are doing good and you are so brave :grin:

You are indeed very brave @DeadlyKnowledge. What amazing steps you’ve been taking there.

I hope everything is going as smoothly as possible for you since your last post. We’re all rooting for you. You got this. :hrtlegolove:

I echo @Sita, turning in your drugs at a police station was insanely brave! No matter what happens next, I have a ton of respect for you for that!

As for recovery groups, they are all over the place for people just like you. There are addiction-specific ones, and there are general ones like Celebrate Recovery where people bring their own brokenness. A little bit of internet searching will turn up groups. since they mostly end with “Anonymous,” they don’t tend to have signs up, but they are around. A lot of them are “closed,” which means when you show up a couple of the leaders will take you outside and gently ask you about what’s going on to make sure you’re not a casual spectator. I just went through that with a new group, and as nerve-wracking as it was, it felt good to tell someone who understood what was going on and to be accepted as I was. From there, they don’t require you to share, but they encourage you to let down your walls and connect with people who have been through your struggles. Also keep in mind that not all groups are created equal. Individual groups don’t have any sort of corporate oversight, they’re shaped and run by the members. If you don’t like the way one group runs or the people in it, you can try another.

Good luck on your journey. We’re here for you to vent to when things get hard, and we already have a ton of respect for the steps you’ve already taken.


Thank you for the encouragement guys! Yeah it was good I quit cold turkey a week ago and had felt the effects through withdrawal it was awful I dont recommend anyine doing drugs if you can stop now get to rehab. I’m still shocked I wasn’t fined. But I really feel good off a bit in the head not crazy nuts speaking but it’s like learning new things all I’ve again if that makes sense. The only person that picked me up was this pastor I spoke to. Giving him the benefit of the doubt to speak about his Jesus his religion. I’ve always believed God as the Creator It makes sense look up see moon the stars the sky has to be something. I’ve read the Bible before just out of curiosity. I knew about hell its scary if it’s a real place, even believing in that saved my life from taking my life.
The next steps in life im trying to leave this part time job only bringing home 800 a month I have a feeling I might be homeless in the middle of May if I don’t get a job now, I applied to this one pays really good 2500 a month just to sanitize I really need to progress and hope I don’t experience homelessness again that was brutal for 8 months. Keep me in your thoughts.


SO excited and happy to hear that it is going well for you! Love the progress, very proud of all talhat you’ve done so far!
Hoping that you get that new job too!

Thanks for letting us know! We’re all rooting forbyou friend @DeadlyKnowledge !

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I am so happy you’re getting and feeling better

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