Idk what im doing with myself

I feel that everyone is just better than me and my future seems very hopeless, everyone in my school is just nice to me because I have autism, I feel I’m just a special ed fuck, a retard, and I also feel I should be acting like 3 years old because of my shitty label, I dunno how to make friends as well, I overall feel like a shit of human being



Don’t say those things. They’re not true. You are more than a label. You have the power to press on and do amazing things. The only advice I can give to you reach out someone you know in real life, tell them about what it is going on with your life, and give them permission to listen to you. You’ll be surprise when someone show you care, compassion, support, encouragement, kindness, comradery, and love. I hope you will feel better, and thank you for sharing. God bless you.


No one in this world is better than others people, we are in the same level. My advice will be that try not thinking that you worse than other people and that your future dont look good, because no one knows really how the future will be, but I think that your future can be better than the one you think.

And the friends,the real friends will come when the time is right. Just be yourself and the right people will appear. Take care :heart:


Hey, don’t call yourself a retard. Okay? That is not nice. You are being way too hard on yourself. I have autism and learning disabilities too. I have always struggled so I can totally understand feeling down on yourself sometimes, but it does no good to call yourself those kinds of names because it’s not true. Sure we have our differences and maybe we struggle in areas a little more than others but that doesn’t mean we are less than or beneath other people.

It’s important that we don’t compare ourselves to other people. Which even I sometimes catch myself doing. Its a bad habit. Don’t compare yourself. Its hurtful <3 And you deserve better than that. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to go at a difference pace than others. It’s okay to have to do things differently than others. Everybody in this life is different and has their own path.

You are not a shit human being. You diagnoses and disabilities do not make or break your value. Okay? Much love to you

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Hey @EKHsupreme,

You are absolutely not a retard or any of those negative things you may think about yourself. Being autistic isn’t something you’d have to be ashamed of. Knowing about it can be helpful to you to understand how to handle life sometimes. But it will never make you less than anyone. You’re a human being, a person, you have worth and value regardless of how you’re defined or labelized by others. You have autism, but it doesn’t define you. Please don’t forget that.

But I hear you. And I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling like this. I see you on streams, on Discord, and it’s always a pleasure to see you around and be involved in the things you share with us such as your passion for music! You are you, you are enough. And there’s no “label” on Earth that should determine your behavior, your choices, your desires. Just be yourself. And if you ever feel like people in your life are kind because of your autism, then don’t forget this community will always be a place where it won’t ever be the same. You are loved for who you are. As simple as it sounds, but as true as it is. :heart:

Take care friend. :heart:

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