Idk what to do anymore and i feel unwanted

My gf and i have been dating for a long time now and i have told her before that i was suicidal and depressed and at first things for me where going good between us and i wasn’t depressed anymore and we’ve been spending less and less time together and we have a long distance relationship and i don’t feel loved anymore but everytime i see her she makes me happy but it just feels like i’m spiraling and i cant control it and no ones there to help me and it feels like i’m abandoned and just being used by her and i just been crying for hours and nearly killed my self and i don’t know how to feel and it just feels like i’m pointless in life and no one cares about me or even wants me and i’m better off dead.

Hey @mrplantwrks - I’m sorry to hear that your depression is worsening and your relationship is strained. Have you tried telling her what is going on? She might have no idea that you’re struggling with your demons again; if she knows, maybe she can help you through this rough season. Also, be careful not to base your immense worth over your relationship. You’re loved and valued regardless of if you’re single or dating someone. Remember that. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much i know that its kinda weird but evn little stuff like that made me smile a little bit and remember that im still cared about and that my worth as a human isnt forgoten and that there’s people out there that actually care thank you

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