From noodlez2088: i’m just so tired of people thinking i’m a terrible person since i used to sh and i’ve lost all of my friends at this point and idk what im doing right or wrong anymore im just so so damn tired of it have no one to talk with or hangout with im so lonely its not even funny anymore i just need friends and i cant even find any

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Thank you for being here and for sharing, noodlez2088. As you likely know, self-harm doesn’t make you a bad person in the slightest – self-harm simply is an unhealthy coping mechanism and is something to work through, so it’s deeply unfortunate that people would judge you for this.

With that said, loneliness is such a challenging emotion, and I can imagine that frustration and pain of struggling to build up new friendships – that certainly can be exhausting. It also sounds like you may feel like you’ve messed up or otherwise are incapable of making friends and I know this can add to the turmoil of emotions at times like this. With that said, often times, friendships simply come and go until we find people that we get along with well. I know this ‘in between’ times can feel endless though, especially when loneliness sets in, so I also hope you know that it will be possible to build up new friendships in the future, even if things stink right now.

I’m wishing you all the best as you navigate this difficult period; I certainly hope you’re able to find some new friends to dispel the loneliness in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to reach out further on this platform if anything is on your mind; we’re here for you.

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You are absolutely not a terrible person, friend, and the fact that some people might think this of you would not make it more true. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what self-harm is about, and at times you might encounter people who are quick to judge. At best, it reflects a lack of understanding on their end, maybe a bit of ignorance too.

Self-harm has been a way for you to cope and survive. What it says really is how much you’re trying to find your way and how much you have been brave for pushing through… You are not less because you used to hurt yourself. Not less worthy, not less valuable, not less important. You belong just as much, self-harm or not.

I’m sorry that life has felt so very lonely on top of it - I imagine that losing your friends has been such a heartbreak for you, and it makes to still feel the effects of it. Losing people we were close with forces you to navigate into a different world. It takes time to process, mourn, and it’s okay to give yourself as much time as you need. One step at a time. :heart: