If anyone with PTSD

Hi idk i came across this page , i just wanted say is i suffer from Depression& Anxiety and i recently got diagnosed with PTSD. I really wish i had someone to vent to

hey friend,
welcome to heartsupport. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and, though I have never been formally diagnosed, have many symptoms of PTSD. You can talk about anything on the support wall and there will always be people here for you. If you can, watch the HS livestreams on twitch or join our discord.

hold fast

love, sophic

Welcome to HeartSupport @Lovemyself94! I hope you find a sense of safety and refuge within amazing community. You’re more than welcome to vent here! In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend considering checking out a counselor to talk to. If you feel uneasy about talking with someone face-to-face, there’s always BetterHelp too! :slight_smile:

I have Anxiety, Depression, and C-PTSD. You’ve got friends who can relate here for sure. <3