If I committed suicide nobody will notice plus the heartsupport community are the only people who care about me

Yeah NOBODY I REPEAT NOBODY in this cruel cruel world cares about me

Hey @Shadow874,

We care and so does your family and your friends outside of us. We are here for you what’s been going on?

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Friend - I know that you’re having a really rough time with losing your friend. We care. We’re here. Please check out the discord for some crisis resources in your country. You can get through this. We are here for you.

Hold fast


Hey @Shadow874,

Remember that we care about you, and always will. I thought the same thing you did before my surgery in March. A few months ago, I burst-fractured my lower spine and was sent to the hospital. People came out of the woodwork for me, expressing their sympathy and well-wishes (people who I haven’t talked to in YEARS). I guarantee you that you have the exact same system, and that if anything happened to you, people would come out of nowhere for you. Please hold on. You’re strong and we beileve in you.


Hey @Shadow874 I was where you are as well. Came here in a drunk night after almost throwing myself off the roof of my apartment.

People here really care and support each other. And as many already said, you do matter. You might not feel like this right now but the future always can bring an unexpected change. What if,in a year you will be in a completely different space enjoying life with new people who came into it. Would it be fair to sacrifice that future version of you with decisions like this? Think about the endless possibilities that you could have besides this. Don’t you wish one day to be able to say “Damn so happy I managed to survive, look where I am now! I would have lost it all if I decided to end it.” I believe you can become that person if you believe in yourself and in getting the help from people who want to be there for you.

Please reach out to any form of help- there are professionals out there willing to get you through and people out here very happy to hold you on your rocky road.

We are here for you.

All love,