If isn't too much

Please pray for my friend who is intensive care. His condition is stable at the moment. And pray for me that I can focus on my placement. And that I won’t be too over whelmed by it

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I am saying some prayers right now for you and your friend! I hope and pray for all of the best for you and your friend! God bless!

Healing thoughts and prayers for your friend!! It’s hard to focus when you’ve got something major like that going on. If you find it helpful, some things that I do when I’m super distracted:

  • journal to get my thoughts “out” so I can acknowledge them but also keep pressing on with my day
  • deep breathing exercises (there’s an app on my phone for that) - I don’t meditate because oddly I find it distracting, but that might be another thing to consider
  • doodle, which helps me calm myself - actually maybe that’s my form of meditation???
  • call for an update as needed - in your situation this might be really helpful - when my anxiety is killing me with distractions, I just call and talk it out with whoever is at the center of it at the moment, it usually helps if I’m to the absolutely overwhelmed point b/c I recognize that once I get there there is really no calming down with any of the normal things above

I hope some of that is helpful to you, and best of luck to you and to your friend