If you get notifications on old posts, here’s why

Hey friends,

Right now, our @testers are going back through all of our old forum posts to accurately tag each post for mental health topics, categories, etc.

You may get notifications on old posts that we have edited your topic (changed the tags). If this happens, know that we are not touching the content you wrote, just how it is categorized.

Additionally, they will be reading the replies on old posts and may assign the “supported” element to one of the replies. This would signify that the Tester believes this reply to adequate provide the support requested from the original poster.

If the tags on your post are incorrect, or if a reply was marked “Supported” that did not give you the support you needed, you are in full control of making any changes to correct these mistakes.

Lastly, note that we are only making these changes on posts that were made on or before 11/30/20.

The hope is that this will help others find relevant discussions easier, and it will make a better environment for us all.

If you have any other questions about these notifications, I invite you to DM me!

Hold fast,