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If You’re Reading This


Y’all know that song “If You’re Reading This,” by Tim Mcgraw. I’ve been thinking about this song quite a bit the last few months as I’ve realized that I no longer have a chance at a future. I’ve lost all the ones that I love, whether it be by death, suicide, me being a shitty friend, them walking out or wherever it may be. But it seems as though I have no energy left in me to fight. I’ve found myself coming to terms with death, and well that’s scary. If I don’t wake up tomorrow knowing that my family would be okay, and the people I thought were my friends wouldn’t even realize I was gone. I’m sorry for posting and I hope everyone has a great week. I just wanted to believe that maybe for a moment I was being heard by someone, that maybe someone sees my pain, that maybe just maybe someone somewhere will care maybe just a little.


I get it. Theres days I’m with my gf who truly loves me and then all of a sudden I feel like the world doesn’t care and I should just give up, it’s an everyday battle


You are not alone, suicidalgamer, I promise you that. Hold fast, friend. Here is my community’s video response to you: