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Nevermind. Please ignore this

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I’m feeling the same too, I’m sorry you have to go through this. Religious people are big assholes and they blinded by reality. Just because some stupid book told them that everyone has be straight, so more people have to join their cult. Don’t let these people bring you down or try to change you. Their nothing wrong about gay. I hope they will not put you through that conversation camp bullshit. You don’t deserve that abuse. You must believe that their worth in you and don’t believe the bullshit they try to feed you. Remember you not alone in this and you have people are their for you and fight for your rights are a human being. You are worth something and there nothing wrong with you.


Hey @Yumi,

I’m really sorry to hear about your current difficulties with your family. Sounds like your dad is really, really strict and doesn’t help you to get back on your feet. I grew up in an abusive family and I can understand how deep the impact of some words and actions can have on the way we see ourselves. Friend, no matter what, you deserve to be respected. We hear you and you matter. This community will always be here anytime you feel the need to talk, so you’re not alone. :heart:

I can only imagine how this threat from your school can be stressful. I don’t even understand what values the people who are working there are holding do to something like this… I hope things aren’t getting to the point of having to go in one of those conversation therapy. Your sexual orientation is something intimate and no one has to interefere with it. Makes me mad to hear what they just said to your mom. No matter what happen, there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m proud of you for reaching out and sharing what you’re going through. If you can, please keep us up to speed on how things are going on.

It doesn’t matter if people have worse problems or not. What you’re going through is important and your current experiences matters. Hang in there, friend. You are loved. :heart:

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Hey @Metalskater1990,

You’re support is much appreciated! But I’d also like to emphasize the fact that whether people are religious or not, there are just empathic people and assholes everywhere. When we believe in something very deeply, we can easily try to convince others that we’re speaking the truth, and it’s not specific to the fact that we believe in a god or not. In fact, we all tend to do that sometimes. And unfortunately, it can lead to extremism such as here. But on the other side, thankfully, there are also religious people who respect others beliefs and values and help to make this world a better place! :heart:

Wow~ This sounds like my family, only I’m the mom! My two girls fought all the time and even today dislike each other. My husband is not their dad, so they disrespected him and fought with him constantly. It was not a fun place to be when the girls were teenagers. My oldest told me she was a lesbian when she was 20. She went to a private Christian HIgh school and was actually dating a guy during her last 2 years. They tried conversion therapy in an attempt to cure her! I knew nothing about this until 2 years later when she came out to me. At one point, she wanted to end her life because of the stress of being a lesbian in a Christian community. It has been a long road, but she has come to terms with who she is and has found friends and a different type of community of believers who embrace her. You have much to live for, and you will figure this out. It gets a LOT easier once you’re out of your parents home and able to make your own life. Some families are just simply toxic when they’re together. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is. Don’t lose hope. There are many good years ahead for you. Trust me. My daughter is so happy in her life now. God bless you!

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DM me here or on discord if you change your mind and need a place to talk.

Take care friend