I'll never be a great musician

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at music production. My role models all have these amazing tracks on their channels, but when I try to model my music after the greatness of theirs (I don’t plagiarize, just write music in their styles), my tracks SUCK ASS. I feel like giving up, but I don’t want to just yet. It’s hard to keep going, and I eventually want to submit a track to NCS. I don’t know if I can keep going with music production. I need a lot of motivation.


I don’t think you should give up. Remember that it took these artists so many years of practice to get where they are now. They all started out being small and their platforms grew with time. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself. You can do it. Do it because you enjoy to do it. The success will come along with it. I believe in you. You should too. Practice a lot, send out your demos, songs, loops whatever you have. If they don’t like it, keep going! Try to seek advice from them and see how you can improve. You can do it. Don’t give up!

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well I never was good at clarinet but I practiced and I got better I had lots of classes canceled but that did not stop me I think you can do it

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and the people who are perfect at music used to be begginers

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if this helps, i also want to be a musician. but i feel like i’m not good enough. all professionals start off as beginners. and they practice. until they feel ready, you will feel this at some point. understand that we all support you:pleading_face:

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This is something I continuously feel in my own life. I have played guitar for a long time and have recently begun trying to make music out of riffs and such I stockpiled for years. I’ve always felt like I’m never good enough or will never be good enough to ever do what I want to do. But even in that I find some days I feel like I’m absolutely crushing whatever track I’m working on and then the next day I feel like it sucks so I dont follow through.

Its a process. There is two big sort of secrets I learned more recently that have personally helped me be a little kinder to myself in this area.

  1. Even the greatest musicians, the guys and girls you look up to every day sometimes feel this way. Sometimes feel that they don’t even deserve the credit for making some of the songs we consider masterpieces. Its called Imposter Syndrome and it effects everyone at some point. Artists considerably more then other professions. You’ll get better and better at working through it so just keep learning.

  2. If you’ve worked at music for any length of time or even if you’re just starting but love music and listen to your favorite genres a lot you have developed an ear for it. Whether you realized it or not. What I mean by this is that instinctively you know what sounds ok, good or even great. It takes time to decipher how to get there and create that kind of stuff but if you just play around with stuff and really really listen you can create good stuff.

Take your time, be kind to yourself and realize no one has an musical ear like yours. Its unique so I would develop it and enjoy the music only you can make.

On that note I would actually encourage you to possibly “plagiarize” some tracks. Not for profit or in any way illegal but for learning purposes. Understand why you like what you hear and how they created it. Maybe get into remixing etc to bring back some of that motivation.

Keep at it. You’ll get there. Can’t wait to hear some fire from you!

Stay safe


Hey @InsurgentAce!

From one producer to another, I feel ya. It takes a LOT of hard work, time, and effort to make commercial-sounding music, BUT if you love what you do, keep at it, and over time you’ll see yourself get better and better. You’re doing the right thing by modeling yourself after other producers - EVERYONE does this, even the A-list producers. Billie Eilish’s brother came out with a video a couple weeks ago about his process of producing and the artists he pulls from. It’s really interesting and I recommend for you to check it out!


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you should just keep trying