Im 14 yea i know im young to say this stuff the on

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im 14 ( yea i know im young to say this stuff ) the only reason im alive is slipknot and korn. the day after i attempted i went to school and everyone knew about it cause my then “friend” had told everyone. no one would talk to me, and no one still does. i have no friends. i feel alone all the time and i dont have parents because im in an adoption home thing, and my “adoption parents” dont care, they look at me like im trash or worth nothing. thats they way i feel: dirty, not loved, useless, hopeless.

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I am truly so sorry for what you have been through. I am so grateful that you are here! Thank you for opening up and sharing your story. I’m sorry your friend betrayed you like that. No one deserves that. You were hurting and people turned their backs on you. I can understand why you feel unloved and useless because of how you were treated, but I want you to know that you ARE loved and you ARE useful and have a purpose. You shouldn’t have been treated that way. But you were created with a purpose and no one can fulfill that but you! The world needs your unique gifts and qualities. You have so much life ahead of you and I truly believe there is hope for you to heal. When I felt completely alone, lost, forgotten, unworthy and like no one could possibly care or understand, I cried out to God and let it all out. I shared all the hopelessness and doubt. I felt like I had nothing to lose so I went for it. That was the beginning of my healing process and it can be for you too. Maybe no one else seems to care, but He does. We do too! We are here for you and we support you and believe in you!

Hey friend, thank you so much for being here. Reading your words, I was imagining how painful it must have felt to be at school, knowing everyone knew about your suicide attempt, and seeing that their reaction has been to stop talking to you. Almost as if you were carrying some kind of disease that would push others to stay away from you. It must have felt so lonely, so hurtful and isolating to be in this situation. At the moment, you needed more than ever to have people by your side, people who would listen to you and would remind you of how much you matter. I’m so sorry that it didn’t happen at the time, and wanted to thank you here for the opportunity to tell you this: you absolutely matter, my friend. You belong here. And I am so, so thankful that you are here today, even more that you’ve decided to open up about your story. It’s absolutely horrible to feel like no one around you cares and that you would be meant to suffer on your own. I’ve been where you are, and being 31 yrs old now, I want to assure you that it does better, even if it doesn’t feel like it when you’re right in this darkness. Not everyone in your life is going to be supportive, but there are great people out there who do understand and genuinely care about you. We care about you here at Heartsupport. How you feel, your well-being are so important. Your voice is heard, my friend. You are not alone. :heart:

-Marie-Anne, Heartsupport Staff

@@HeartSupport thank you.