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I'm 25 and I think My life Will be this sad for ever

I just turned 25 in february and I have zero determination to change My life. All I do is daydream about the man I want to be but I just can’t make it real, i’m caught in a cycle of eating junk all day, playing video games, watching Youtube to try and motivate me but at the end of the day nothing changes. I’m overweight and anxiety levels are high because I fear My life Will be the same for ever, I just don’t know how to get My shit together for good. I had a girlfriend who left me since I am just a lazy guy with no goals nor ambitions and since I don’t love myself I wasn’t able to love her either, so that didn’t affect me that much. My life is Misery and I just need to stop living this way or soon it’s gonna be late. I need some advice from people who have overcome misery in life. And sorry for My Bad english or if I’m not explaining myself properly


What do you love?

I can find myself in this place as well; I have been this way recently due to not being able to work because of quarantine.

Make a list of things you enjoy, things you want to do. You can post them here if you would like.

Video games? I love them too, could you see yourself making them? There are many different jobs involved with making a game, it’s pretty cool.

Leave your list below, hope to hear back soon.


I love music, I can truly say that is the one thing that makes me feel alive. Listening to punk rock music with encouragement lyrics is that one thing I can do all day long. And I would like to work but I have social anxiety and just the thought of going to a job interview makes me tremble but I know that I have to be Brave to face this nonsense fear because I need to support My family financially, since i’m not a kid anymore and I feel like a parasite. I also love other things like riding My bike, running, lifting but that is something I can’t do right now because of quarantine so I’m getting fat again because I eat a lot due my anxiety.


First, I love punk music too, my jam.

For a very long time I struggled with anxiety, I do still some days, but not even close to where I was.

It took a lot of work, I remember when I went to my first interview I was a wreck, and after I was very upset. In school I couldn’t do presentations, one time I started crying in front of the class, and that was high school.

All of that just to say, you are not alone.

It takes a lot of small steps to overcome anxiety. Right now it is difficult, but there are still some things you can do. Not sure where you are, but I believe in many places you can still go outside and take walks, or ride bikes. Just keep the six foot distance.

It may help to get ready as if it were a normal day, eat breakfast and brush your teeth, shower at the same time you usually would. Maybe make a schedule for the day.

We believe in you, and we’re here to help as best we can.


It’s Nice to hear that someone out there has gone through simmilar situations and have overcome that!
Once all of this covid thing has gone I will try some job interviews because getting a job I know Will be a huge step in my life, it’s gonna be hard but You just gave me some motivation :wink:

And regardless of having a schedule a need that, I’m skipping some important things that I should do everyday and that makes feel like garbage sometimes, because i’m not taking care of myself properly. But i’ll try, I really aprecciated You taking your time to answer me :wink:


Hey man. I have been there. I feel this SO much. We made a live video for you to show you that things can and will get better. Hang in there.

Matt, from ttv/twoguys1couch


Man, you have no idea how good I feel that you made this for me, you just did something amazing for me and I couldn’t be more grateful, I loved this and I love the fact that every word you said here has given hope for my future. I know that if someone out there has been in the same situation that I am right and had the courage to make a change now I know I can do it. I’ll start right now following your advice and have something healthy for dinner and I know that tomorrow has something better for me. I love You brother thank You so much


Have you ever tried just accepting your life for what it is right now? And accepting yourself for who you are right now? Are you afraid of what it means if you love yourself in this current situation? When we don’t accept the reality of what is, we find ourselves fighting with life. Feeling frustrated, sad, like we aren’t “enough”. “If only I was this way or that way. Then I’d be happy.” And because we are not okay with our current situation, we don’t give ourselves permission to be happy. We withhold it from ourselves as something to be “earned”. Accepting your life as it is does not mean you are not allowed to change. It just means meeting yourself where you are and accepting who you are. Who you are right now. Be with yourself and know that nothing has to change in order for you to be allowed to accept yourself, and yes, even love yourself.


It’s never too late my friend especially when you’re in your 20’s
Please find the incentive and better yourself

I was 24 when I went back to school and I thought to myself I’m too old for this, and when I told my parents that they thought I was crazy lol.

And I came to realize that I was crazy for thinking that.

I’m 25 now just like you and I’m loving every minute of my time in school.

I met new friends, we have Netflix parties, and talk daily during this quarantine.

I’m even doing better academically and I’m confident that I’ll graduate with honours.

If I can do it so can you


Everyone loves video games. Have you looked into taking classes online? I have social anxiety as well and I soared in online classes. Im sure that there online colleges that offer degrees in game design.

Punk Pop is amazing!! State Champs are my jam!! Social anxiety isn’t nonsense, my dude. It can be crippling.

I’m going to reiterate what @Lyss said. Unsure of where you are, but some places should allow you to go out and walk around, go fishing, hiking, etc. Just be sure to maintain social distancing. And whether or not you are able to go out, I recommend listening to State Champs’ album Living Proof, it’s a real banger. And it’ll help keep the anxious thoughts at bay because you have some music to focus on.


Well, it’s good your recognising where the problems lie. Try and get out more. Join some clubs. Start some new hobbies where you can meet others. Easier said than done, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it after the initial nerves!

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Thanks everybody, love you all! These days I’ve been doing better, it seems that I finally stopped doing stuff that make me feel like Crap! Trying my best to let the past be the past and for the first time I feel there’s hope for me, I’m far from doing perfect but I’ve definitely improved :slight_smile:


I’ll give a try to that álbum, thanks man :wink:
For me, pennywise is My jam, listen to pennywise’s full circle album, that record has put me on My feet dozens of times


Thanks bro, it’s Nice to know i’m not the only one.
I’ll continue to grind :wink:

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Well, I just can’t accept who I am right now because I hate that lazy and unfocused guy with no self esteem or ambitions. So i’m giving My Best to change that, soon this version of me Will be buried forever


well done! don’t forget, some days will be harder than others…