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I'm a college stupid student

I feel left out these days by my former classmates, friends or i don’t even if they are true to me, like them im also a student and yet why i don"t make progress with my life, i don’t know what to do anymore i always have this feeling of worthless like a piece of garbage that should be thrown, everyday it always made me cry and think that it feels like that im not a member of our family because unlike me who is so stupid at everything my families are all talented.

Everyday my thoughts is about me not being needed anymore if so then why god even gave me life if im going to end it sooner anyway? Im sick of everything and i want to reduce the burden my family carry because of me even though they do not say it to me i know they feel that way after all im useless, and should’ve been born.

The longer i live the more i wanted to just stop living to stop this pain of uselessness and worthlessness.

I just want to say this to anyone before i gave up this stupid life of mine and just burn in hell.

I’m just a mistake in this world.

Hey Friend,

Even if right now you can’t see this clearly: you matter, you have value and worth.

Please, try to not stay alone or join a crisis hotline/chat if you’re still struggling with suicidal thoughts:

Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives but that doesn’t mean we’re worthless. You’re going through a rough time for the moment and I’m truly sorry you’re seeing yourself in such a negative way. You matter and you have your own talents and skills. No matter what others do or say.

You are not alone, friend. You are not a mistake, and I’m really glad you came here.

If you read this, please let us know how you’re doing since you wrote this message. :heart:

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