Im a lost cause heartsupport at least i have felt

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Im a lost cause @heartsupport
At least I have felt that way my whole life. I attended my second therapy session today at the age of 36.

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Hey friend,

I’m just a stranger to you, but really wanted to reach out and express how much I am proud of you. Not that it absolutely has to mean anything, but know there is someone out there that sees you, sees your efforts and the energy you’re putting into choosing yourself. From where I stand, I see only beauty through the fact that you attended your second therapy session. Your age really doesn’t need to have any impact on how actually valuable and important this decision of seeking help is. It is never too late for it. Actually, it’s even more commendable that you ARE seeking help while feeling like you are a lost cause, while feeling like somehow it is too late to be helped, while feeling like you would be broken beyond repair. Because when you choose to seek help regardless, you are not letting these thoughts defeat you or condition your life. You are CHALLENGING them with very practical actions, and that is so, so strong of you. There is absolutely nothing weak or shameful in attending your second therapy session. On the contrary! You can be absolutely proud of yourself for trying something different, for exploring new pathways, for actively trying to walk away from the thoughts and beliefs about yourself that would sabotage you.

For what it’s worth, I’m 31 and when I started therapy a couple of years ago I felt just like you describe in this comment. Absolutely broken, a lost cause - and oh man it’s still a narrative I am dealing with. But over time, the more therapy sessions I had, the more I persevered through this new path, I realized that I certainly needed the time I took before not getting help, in order to finally feel ready for it. There might be a right time for everything. And before your decision of going to therapy, maybe you were focusing on surviving already and you couldn’t afford, emotionally speaking, to envision therapy as being part of the picture. Maybe you needed all of this time to get to the point of saying “I had my second therapy session today”. This is not a testimony of failure in any way - it is an expression of your journey, of your unique story. To get to this point, you have supported yourself and made it through your darkest days, which is HUGE and was asking so much effort and energy from you already.

Again, I’m SO proud of you - for choosing your life, for choosing help, for choosing healing - because these decisions are not easy to take and we’d usually rather run away from the pain than really address it. You are forging a path that is meant to help you reconnect with yourself in different ways. That is so special and such a testimony of your own determination and resilience. It might not feel like this from where you are, and maybe you’d feel like I’m exaggerating, but I can assure that there’s only beauty in what you’ve shared there. Keep on trying, keep on choosing yourself, keep on shining brightly. May this therapy bring positive things to you and further healing. You deserve to find and forge your own place of hope and peace. Hold Fast.