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I'm a shadow, I am nothing

That’s just it I am nothing to the people in my life. I am that shadow you see in the corner of your eye that you don’t bother to look at. I am useless. My mom should have had an abortion. I shouldn’t have existed. Why am I here? Why haven’t I died yet? Why doesn’t anybody see me? Why? Will it end?

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This breaks my heart and I feel like this isn’t real and this is just your sadness talking. I hope that’s the case at least, because no one should ever feel that way. I wish I could hug you and make you feel better.


I’m glad you reached out in this time of darkness. It sounds like you’re in a lot of emotional pain. Lots of loneliness and perhaps rejection. I can relate in my own way. I’ve been isolating myself for the last couple years. I sporadically break into tears after decades of emotional numbness. It’s an understatement to say life can be brutal. But you’re tougher than this. I hope we can work together through this. I believe life was so much more terrible, on average, a few generations ago. More death, more disease, more war and starvation and captivity. Humanity is making progress at a lightning fast pace, but we have a long way to go, and I just hope we can band together, realize that this life is painful, but strive to make it better for each other and the future. Cheers


I sure hope you’re right, banding together would make this all so much easier !


Brother coming from a person that feels the exact same and you might think I’m lying every since one of my close friends passed away I’ve been feelin useless on this earth and I think very hard about takin myself out but I attempt to smile everyday trying my hardest man I feel bad everyday man but I still try to keep myself up and I’m up now at 1:58 am searching for help this is how I made it here please man value your life you are somebody to me I care about you we are all gods children so that is what we should do love another :heart::sweat: peace man


estoy pasando por una situación similar, duele, duele a veces ver que no hay salida, pero un dia que intente quitarme la vida entendí que si estoy aquí es por algo, y esa es la razón que mantiene vivo, no se cual es esa razón, pero no me iré de este mundo sin descubrirla, animo amigo, Dios nos ama.
y respondo a tu ultima pregunta, si si terminara.

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