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I'm actually okay this time

So first of all I want to thank everyone who has helped me out over the past week or so. It’s really helped me stay away from worrying and letting that control me. I don’t think things would be any good if I hadn’t come here. K (Check my previous posts if you don’t know who this is) managed to go to a couple of her friends about her problems, and she said for the first time in so long that she was actually happy. She said that she would take me to prom given the opportunity which was amazing to hear considering I’m usually the one being clingy and saying things like that. Even though I know that won’t happen due to where we live I’m still happy. Things seem to be going well and I don’t see things going downhill with a school break on the horizon. Again, a big thanks to everyone who helped me feel better and think straight. This place as a whole is so valuable to me and I’ll be sure to check in regularly to see if I can manage to return the favor somehow.


Glad to hear you are doing better, friend. You are valuable and deserve nothing but the best in life. Looking forward to hearing more about how things are going for you and your awesome presence here.

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Oh @MA10

I am so, so glad to read this. And I’m really glad to hear that K. talked to her friends. It’s a huge step! And that’s awesome. Thank you for letting us know. You are a loving and caring person and she is really lucky to have you by her side, even if there is distance between you two. I am also glad you found this community and glad you are here. Take care of yourself, friend. :heart: