Im all alone pls help

I’m bad at communication.that’s all i going to say.I stay at home all day and when i go out,cant talk to anyone. no matter online or in reality i always mess up conversation with a person and end up looking weird. and in crowds and groups i cant even talk bc im afraid of being judged. i tried so many times but i feel like outsider in groups bc ppl rather talk to a person that they know than someone that suddenly came from nowhere. i kinda cut some of my long friendships. i dont talk much with my family bc they just wanna blame me or say something that makes angry.schools are going to start but i couldnt find any friend there last year it gives me stress. i became angry and impatient lately bc i gotta deal with shit without anyone that supports me or makes the situation easier. i end up everywhere bc im fcking weak at communication.


Hi, friend.

I’m sorry you are hurting so much and feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to.

I struggle making friends and socializing too. I’ve always been really awkward. I was diagnosed with autism as an adult. I never knew as a kid that I had autism so I just thought I was weird and awkward. I thought I was broken.

So I can relate to the struggle of messing things up or looking weird.

You are not alone.

Is there a way you can maybe get a counselor? That way you have a safe place to talk to without having to worry about judgement or feeling weird? I know therapy isn’t for everyone and not everyone has access but if you have a way you can get access to a therapist, it can be such an amazing thing.

Don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed if you need to reach out. It can be such a relief.

Are there clubs or groups you can join where you can meet people that have similar interests as you?

I just want you know that you aren’t weak. You may struggle with communication but that doesn’t make you weak. Just know that. And that you matter.

We’re here to listen and offer support. So In those times where you feel alone and like you have nobody to talk to, know that this community is open to you. We won’t see you as weird. We love and embrace all who come here as we all work through our struggles together.

Much love to you

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Hi Amir,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feeling with us. What you’re describing looks like social anxiety and I know it can be really invalidating and exhausting. Every new interaction seem to be a challenge in itself.
You are not necessarily bad at communication, as you said, but you may be experiencing a lot of inner thoughts that makes you thinking you’re not doing the right things when you’re in a social situation. So you end frustrated/sad/ashamed/angry, etc., depending on the situation, and you prefer to isolate yourself because it’s exhausting to spend so much energy.

In fact, talking to others is a challenge in itself! I don’t think anyone feel confortable in any situation. Sometimes we’re not in the mood, we doubt about ourselves or there are important issues going on. Even for the most extraverted people. Social interactions are always a delicate balance between being yourself and also making room for your interlocutor. You’re not weak, believe me. And your difficulties are not meant to exist forever. You can work on it, but it would be easier with some help. CBT therapy in particular can really help with social anxiety because it needs you to do some concrete exercises, at your own pace, and in a secure environment.

Don’t be affraid to ask for help because you are definitely not weak and you deserve better. You can do it. :two_hearts:


Welcome to Heartsupport Amir. Just know we are a Non-Judgemental and Judgemental free community. You are always free to reach out to anyone. You can message me if you need to talk.


Hey @AMIR, thank you for posting friend. I’m sorry you feel this way about yourself, that you’re not good at communication and that it affects you in so many negative ways. I know how that feels, to feel like you are always the outsider because you don’t know how to contribute to the conversation, you don’t know anyone in the group, or you’re afraid of being judged. I’m sorry that your family doesn’t make things any better with the way they treat you.

I’d would encourage you to try and stop putting so much pressure on yourself in social situations and interactions. It’s important to figure out who you want to be as a person first and learn to love who you are, because it will show you the type of people you want to welcome into your life. There isn’t any point in wanting to connect with people if you don’t even know what kind of people you want in your life in the first place. If schools are going to start again, maybe that’s an opportunity to push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and try something new that you think you might enjoy.

None of your feelings make you weak. It seems like you are just trying to figure out who you are as a person and what you want in life, aren’t we all?

You’re not alone friend. Hold fast.

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