I'm alone and scared

I don’t know what to do anymore, im alone in a house full of people, I’ve been abused my whole life, and no one cares about it. My girlfriend is cheating on me with a guy, and I get bullied for being gay. I’m scared to be myself, and I wish I was dead. If I were to kill myself, it would be less of nuisance to people. Can some one please help???

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Hey friend,
I’m so so sorry to hear that. I know how it feels to be alone when you have friends and family around. It’s like no one actually understands or cares.

I’m so sorry you were abused that’s so tough and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to open up and have no one believe you, at the end of the day you know the truth and just because others say it isn’t true, it doesn’t make the pain any less real. Have you spoken to some kind of police about this? Abuse is not something anyone should get away with.

You are so strong for going through that and still being here, and you are so so brave for opening up.

It sucks so much having someone cheat on you, it isn’t your fault. You are amazing and it’s on her if she can’t see that. You’re value doesn’t decrease by someone’s inability to see your worth.

I know right now everything seems so dark and like there’s no way out but the stars need the dark to shine. Yes today is a bad day, tomorrow may even be a bad day, perhaps even next week but think about next year or ten or even twenty years. You have so much time and so much life left to live. Think about all the things you have yet to achieve. Think of all the love you have left to give. And if that doesn’t work look for little things it could be anything, like I still haven’t finished game of thrones on Netflix or I still haven’t finished that chocolate bar in the fridge.

Just find some silly little thing that may seem so insignificant but it’s so so important if it keeps you alive another day.

You are strong. You are brave. You are kind. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are worth EVERYTHING.

Hold fast friend,
Love Luna :heart:

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Dang dude, there’s so much in those three sentences…

First off, I’m so sorry your life is peppered with abuse and betrayal and bullying…that’s just freaking brutal…to feel like everywhere you turn, someone’s there to push you down for things that feel like they’re just a part of who you are…people to take away your joy when you feel you’ve fought so hard to get the little you’ve got…people to turn their backs on you when your trust is so hard to earn and they seem to treat it like it matters so little…I’m so sorry, friend.

I wish that my response to your post could help reverse some of the lies that have been told to you for the past – however many years of your life – and even though it’s just one voice in the sea of what feels like dozens and dozens…I want to be one of the ones that are speaking the truth…

You matter. And what people did to treat you like you were disposable was wrong.
You are lovely. And what people did to take away your innocence and your beauty was wrong.
You are enough. And what people tell you about your worth is a lie.
You are accepted. And what people tell you about your identity is bullshit.
You are treasured. And what you believe about your own life isn’t true – you are irreplaceable.
You have hope. And even though it feels like right now the storm’s never going to end – it will get better.

I wish I could send you a hug via this message, because it sounds like you could use someone just holding you and telling you everything’s going to be okay. I pray that you’d feel that embrace as you read this, because you are worth holding. You are worth being told that you are needed and wanted and valued. You are worth holding onto hope when it feels like your life gives you no reason to. You are worth it.


Hey Friend,

I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much. You may be struggling right now, but things can get better. It is a lie that people would be better off without you. You are precious and valued and loved. Please keep reaching out. You are worth it. :heart:

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I’m here to talk. I know how you feel and it sucks