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Im anxious about my test

I have my aims science test today (state testing for Arizona) im super anxious cus i dont have much science under my belt. In middle school most of it i was homeschooled. I had some schooling that put me a few grades behind from what i knew. And elementary school i was homeschooled so i did mostly fun science experiments. I am nervous cus im not a junior level science. My learning disabilitys make science one of the most difficult subjects to learn. Im probably ganna have to guess on most things. Im just nervous.


Hey there @Fallen_angel I’m sorry to hear that you’re anxious about this test, I’ve definitely been there before. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest talking to your teacher and maybe your principal about this. If you think about it, it’s not really fair that you’d have to take this test even though you might be a few grades behind the level everyone else is at. Maybe they could figure something out to help you.

If you have any extra time, I recommend Khan academy:) You should do great. Trust me: I had a big melt down the day before my SAT and it was not as bad as I thought. No matter what just remember your worth is not defined by grades. Practice some self care and give us an update later. Good Luck!

It was nor SAT i will never take ACT or SAT cus the college i wanna go to has like an 80% acceptance rate of a 3.0 gpa and i suck at tests. Ot was a required state test to grade the school A or B or C or even D the lower the school grade the less resources given.

Well that’s great you wont have to worry about those tests:) how did it go over though?

It went ok. I was on the verge of a panic attack the whole time and was not aloud my phone wich has music to help calm me down but i left school right after the test luckily.

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