Im broken , depressed and need help

hello I am new to this site.i am very broken and sad and would like somone to chat with, so many horrible things in my life going on

Hi, Chantelle!

I’m sorry you are feeling so broken and sad right now. You came to a good place full of people who can relate and offer understanding.

I can certainly relate. I have been battling a lot of these feelings myself, lately and find it often very difficult to find energy and motivation. It’s a rough cycle to fall into.

Heart Support has a few places you can go and resources you can use that maybe can help out when you’re feeling this way and feeling alone.

  • Discord! Everyone is welcome to join and take part of the community in their discord. Where you can just hang and talk casually or post in the #realtalk channel the same as you can here. Here’s the link:

  • Heart Support streams! You are always welcome to come hang out with us in the Heart Support stream. Even if you just lurk. But you are also welcome to share your mind. Casey and Danjo are super amazing. You can find that here:

  • Books! Heart Support has a few books that you can look into. One is called DWARF PLANET. It’s a guide and work book through depression. The other is called REWRITE. It is a guide and work book through self harm. You can find both of these books on AMAZON for purchase. Or if you can’t purchase them right now, you can look them up in the Heart Support store and request a copy. They have one more book called MOUNTAINS which is a daily devotional. That one can be found on Amazon as well.

  • BetterHelp. Heart Support is partnered with BetterHelp which allows you to sign up for a 7 day free trial for online counseling. You’ll be paired with a real licensed therapist who you can connect to via a private text chat between you, or you can schedule a voice chat! I used BetterHelp for a while and really appreciated the therapist I was assigned. She messaged quite a few times through out the day and it was very encouraging. I personally liked being able to periodically speak to her more than only being able to see a therapist once a week. Maybe this can be of help to you!

I know sometimes just having someone to talk to when we are feeling broken and sad is more helpful than anything else. So please don’t be afraid to join us in the streams or on discord. We are all a family here. We all are going through our different challenges but this community is built to be a safe place for everyone to turn to. No judgement.

You are loved my friend. You are important. And we want to see you feeling better.

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welcome to heartsupport! if you’re new here take some time to get familiar with the forum. you can then post a new thread or reply to me here with more info about your situation.

if there’s a counseilor nearby you should consider talking to him/her as well.

take care!