I'm completely useless

I can’t do this anymore. I’m a fuck up. No one actually cares about me. They all ignore me and tell me I’m just depressed to get their attention. They don’t want me in this world so I’ll leave .

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Hey there,

Let me first say that you are not a mess up and there are people that care about you. There are plenty of people in this community that care about you. The people who say those things to you are wrong and you know it. Dont let what they say become your reality.

Hope this helps,

hey you are not a f up and people DO care about you . those are both lies right there . You may be struggling right now but that’s not at the end of the world . You are human , you have breath in your lungs you deserve to be alive friend .

You do not deserve to leave . You being depressed means your struggling to me i see you as a human whos struggling and not seeking attention. Life can be hard but i 100% believe in you . Theres a future for you and we want you to see what its like . We love you friend and we want you to be alive .
Hold fast , you’re worth it, and you matter !

Don’t say that, your not seeking attention you have a problem and you are crying for help and your family and friends should be more sensitive to that. You are loved and your gifts and talents you can give so much to the world. You are loved and cared for.

You’re not alone in your struggle. It seems like you are overwhelmed and have a lot going on right now which really sucks and I am sorry you feel this way. When someone is telling you this they are being mean and not worth your time. One of my favorite quotes that helps me fight through these times is-
you’re feeling right now there’s a
mathematical certainty that someone else
is feeling that exact thing this is not
to say you aren’t special this is to say
thank God you aren’t special”
-Neil Hillborn - This Is Not The End Of The World