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Im concerned my past mistakes could be exposed

Hi i made a posts like a month ago on here but to sum it up at 14-16 and im 17 now i used to catfish a couple girls from my school and I deeply regret it now. Currently im feeling a little better but im really worried because not all the profiles i made on the internet are deleted most likely. I think I forgot to delete some of them and I already went through my apps so it wouldn’t be in their. But my problem is that i think that a sneaky pic i took like 3 years ago could be a profile pic of a couple of the accounts that could still be up. If she or someone else found it and told her about it my life would be screwed. Do any of you guys have any advice for me i know its a really bad situation.

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I think that if no one has seen anything for 3 years and no one even found out while i was catfishing i think it probably would’ve happened already. Most of it was all on small dating sites and chat rooms and i would’ve deleted accounts i did alot on so maybe im just making this out to be worse than it is.

It depends how serious it is. Remember today everything is achieved and stored in a data base so please be careful what you post because it can be used as evidence against you. Harassment and Bullying laws are very strict these days and you can get into legal trouble. I hope you learned from your experiences and move on my friend.

Yeah true i was just worried about someone finding it i think i could get in trouble for this for sure but i dont think it would be major

As long as its not illegal you’re good. Just be careful what you post even if it was done out of anger people don’t forget and for any little thing they want to drag you into court and throw you in jail.

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I know i could get in trouble but i dont think the penalty would be huge just because i was 14 when I started and i stopped doing it after two years and am really disappointed in myself. Im a senior next year so im just concerned that if she found out everyone would find out and i would be in a horrible situation and be thought of as a horrible person. Tbh if she found out after high school it would probably not be as bad cause it wouldn’t blow up and I would be able to apologize as soon as i found out and hopefully it would be over. So like i said im just worried about my reputation and livelihood if i get in trouble i cant complain i put myself in this situation.

I just can’t go two minutes without worrying about someone finding out about it i mean the last few months i was really disappointed at myself for doing all the dumb stuff and now ive kinda forgiven myself but now i cant stop worrying about this. I know its all my fault obviously and thats what sucks about this i feel like i have no options and no control over whether i get exposed or not. Im just ready to live a good life and move on but this is making it impossible im sorry if it seems like im whining but i just wanted to share how i feel.

I also feel like i ruined my life before it even really started i mean am i ever not gonna have to worry about this i cant believe i got myself into this I really just want to live life but this is making it impossible

Im sorry for dramatatizing this im still worried but im already starting to feel better. The odds of it happening are not even really worth worrying. I look everyday for profiles still up and i never really find anything anymore. Alot of websites stop overtime too or they auto delete old accounts

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