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I'm concerning legal action

Another situation happened now there is a former friend that is spreading rumors about me that aren’t true and I worry about my reputation being tarnished and I believe this guy is either miserable or really wicked because I haven’t spoken to this guy since 2015 I don’t talk to anyone in his city nor do I visit there I don’t know anyone there and I think its just wrong because I cut off this guy for a reason and now all of sudden he’s bashing me for no reason. I’m looking what are my legal options because I feel it needs to stop. I’m tired of being demonized especially when I haven’t spoken to this person in years.


Hey @ranma1983,

It is unfortunate that this person has decided to spread rumors about you a little bit out of nowhere. Although it’s good that you are willing to see what you can do in this situation. There might be plenty of reasons behind why this is happening, although there are certainly legal actions that could be taken if that is necessary, especially if it is something that could interfere with your work, etc.

I hope this situation will be resolved very soon. Wishing you peace for this new year. :hrtlegolove:


To be honest with you Idk where it stems from especially since I haven’t given a reason to like c’mon six years is a long time I had completely forgotten about him until recently when I was warned about what this guy was doing. What is sad is that he used to be in the same religious community I was a part of six years ago but I left because I didn’t feel loved, accepted or treated with respect.


That is surprising, indeed. It could be an old and unsaid resentment towards you, and something lately would have reminded him of your existence? In any case, it is a inappropriate reaction. He should come to you directly if there is an issue that has been ongoing, even despite the absence of contact between you both.

It sounds that this community was not a positive experience overall - I’m glad you’re not in it anymore. Not feeling like belonging or included is at the complete opposite of what a community should be, especially if unconditional love is at the core of their foundation.


I’m still trying to figure out why and what reason my goodness I haven’t seen or spoken to this guy in six years if my other friend wouldn’t not have told me I wouldn’t be upset but I know as a fact how this guy is and how this insular community is.


Have you got the possibility to check in with them directly eventually? (If that is something you’d have the intention to do, that is)

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It sounds like there may have been a shift in mental status. He might be getting more obsessive. Something may have happened between you that formed a crossroad in his life. Either way, his behavior is unacceptable.

If he’s using a media site to harass you, it can be reported to the site. I’ve never pursued action against a cyberbully or cyberstalker, but help may be available.

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