I'm disappointed with a Friend

I feel I have been let down again by a close friend Idk what’s happened with people that people are beck mean and cold. I text my friend yesterday asking how he was doing I ask him if he was interacting in doing a facebook Live with for my organization he said I’m not interested I said okay then I asked him I’m going to be around your area this weekend I’ll treat you to lunch and then he said I’m working I ask him is everything okay? We’re friends and friends care about each other let me know what’s going on he never messaged me back. I’m very disappointed and hurt because this was a friend that helped me in my time of need and I even paid him back for helping me out back then to show gratitude and he does this Idk what’s up with him because whatever he’s going through I have nothing to do with it hey I was even there when his father threw him out of the house when his father died. It’s very sad and hurtful because my circle of friends is getting smaller.


Hello ranma,
thank you for posting here here your thoughs.
I can understand your feelings, that shows that you care, you have a good heart.
I think you are a great friend and you should not worry to much, maybe all he needs is some time right now
by his own. I need that also time to time.
Give it a little bit time. I would do that.
Friends come and go, some stay some not. That friendship sounds like it stays. In my eyes.
Hope you have a nice day, feel hugged


From: Mamadien

I’m so sorry that you weren’t able to get together with your friend this weekend. It can be difficult when people don’t respond in the way would like to have them to. Perhaps he really is working this weekend or there may be something going on in his life that he’s not ready to talk about. What do you think about giving him some time and maybe getting in touch with him again in a week or two to see how he’s doing? Sometimes it’s the gentle care that will get the response. I hope that you hear back from him, but either way please let us know how you are doing.



Hi Friend, When someone doesn’t message me right back, I feel rejected and it’s not a good feeling. So, I can relate to how you are feeling. Most of the time the reason they didn’t reply back had nothing to do with me personally. They were busy or something came up. Like you said he had to work, so he could be working and unable to answer back. Perhaps when he has time, he’ll reply. Take care! ~Mystrose


From: susieqzz

I can totally relate to this, the worrying and maybe overthinking about why someone is not responding to me, or leaving me on “read”.

I just want to gently remind you that it’s possible they are busy and caught up in their own life. It sounds like you have a solid friend here who supported you when you needed it and you supported them. In my experience, most other people don’t really think about responding right away, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about us or are upset with us. They just have their own lives, just like we do :slight_smile:

Hang in there, I’ll bet this friend still values your friendship. Give them some time. You sound like a good friend who just wants to be there for them, and that’s something very valuable!


Hello there,
Thank you for your post. :hrtlegolove:
I’m sorry that you feel disappointed by your friend. But don’t give up on your friend just yet. Maybe he just was extremely busy (since he said he was working). You could try to contact him again and see what happens. It could also be that he is not ready to talk about what is going on with him just yet and maybe he will approach you when he is ready to talk. Maybe he just needs a little bit of time. I hope everything works out!


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for your post. Goodness Im sorry you are sounding so upset by all of this but you know maybe you may not need to which is great news for you. I think we are all very guilty these days of expecting people to respond to us within moments of our messages, I know I always look for a reply as soon as I have sent one and when we make a nice offer to someone especially of our time we kinda hope they will jump at the chance to take that and say thank you and of course join us but sometimes even though they may choose not to share it with us people might just have something going on that you are unaware of. Maybe your friend has some extra work or maybe some upset they are dealing with? perhaps they dont want to burden you? there could be many reasons why they cannot meet you that isnt that they dont like you or want to be your friend anymore. I would encourage you to please give that person some grace, a bit of patience and time and then see what happens, you may find this all sorts itself out. In the meantime, try not to worry or be upset, you are a great caring friend and you are a superb human being. lisalovesfeathers. x


Hello! Maybe your friend is disappointed by smth, you can give him or her time to be alone, and if she or he is really a friend, they text you back as soon as possible.

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