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I'm disappointed with my fiancé's mother

My fiancé hasn’t been feeling too good lately her health has been in decline she has issues with her mom. I spoke to her mom on fb and she was rude to me just because I told her the issues my fiancé has may come from her past with family and friends and she just cut me off I didn’t like that. So I decided not to talk to her anymore one thing I cannot stand is rude especially when I have nothing to do with them.

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Hey Ranma,

That’s tough. :frowning: You see your fiancé struggling and you just want to help her. It’s possible that her mom didn’t appreciate your implication because it seems to be about things that might have happened before you were together. In such circumstances, it would be normal to see you as a kind of “outsider”, even if you’re not an outsider in the heart of your fiancé. Give them all the time they need. It sounds that your fiancé and her mom have a difficult relationship, and they’ll certainly need to adress those issues by themselves if they’re willing to, in their own terms and time. The best you can do, in this situation, is to keep being a pillar of strength and encouragement for your partner, which doesn’t require any interafction with her mom. <3

That’s what I’m doing I’m giving her love, compassion and support to the best of my ability and I believe in due time once we meet her mother will change she messaged me and apologized to me the other day for her actions so thats a step.


That sucks that your fiance’s mom was rude to you. She probably felt some unintended guilt and took it out on you. At least, my own mom reacts that way any time I mention having a difficulty growing up and she gets very defensive because she puts the blame on herself. I’m glad you don’t seem to be taking it personally. You are just interested in caring for your fiance and that’s amazing :star: Family relationships are hard but with time, you and your fiance’s mother will create a better understanding of each other. I see that she apologized which is awesome and a great step in the right direction!

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