I'm disgusted with my neighbors

The day before yesterday we heard some commotion outside our apartment and it was our neighbors chasing away the coyotes and my mom said its because of so many cats that are in the complex and the neighbors leaving food and water outside attracts the coyotes to attack and kill the cats and putting everyone in danger they cursed and yelled at my mom and they also yelled at the downstairs neighbor the neighbor from across the stairs argued with my mom saying that they can have cats and what are we going to do about it. I said this is becoming a nuisance and it needs to stop. My mom’s blood pressure went up and we’re just tired of the total lack of disregard of the building and the violation of the rules here we’ve been living here for 11 years and we never had to deal with this nonsense I Am angry because everyone in my building are low class people and trouble makers.


From: Mamadien

I’m so sorry that you are having difficulty with coyotes being attracted to your apartment complex. That must be very frustrating and a bit nerve wracking. Are you able to speak to your apartment management about this? Are they receptive to hearing what is going on? Another thought is to possibly speak with whatever wildlife management you have for your area. They may be able to help. I don’t know if that would create bigger problems with your neighbors but I do understand the frustration with wondering what may be waiting outside when you have to go about. I wish you well.

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From: Dr Hogarth

Hi ranma,

This sounds really stressful for both you and your Mum. Living with hostility around you like that can make you feel just permanently on edge. Is there a landlord or someone that you can complain to about this? If your neighbours are breaking the rules, then the person who owns the building should deal with it, not you and your Mum. It shouldn’t be up to you to keep the property safe, that doesn’t sound fair.

I hope that you can find a way to deal this situation. x


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post, you do sound so exhasperated by what is going on and that is totally understandable, its not fair for anyone to be attracting dangerous animals around the complex in which you live, have you mentioned it to the landlords of the place that this is happening as you said it was a violation of the rules, maybe they could give them a warning of some sort? It also seems like saying something to them yourself is not getting you anywhere except in to situations that get you and your mum wound up and if its affecting your mums blood pressure, its not worth doing it that way. Try the proper channels and let someone else deal with it but in the meantime keep youselves safe. I wish you luck and love. Lisa. x

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Hello again, @ranma1983

I hear you and your mother’s frustration, and I feel that. It is very unsafe to have food and water outside, not just because of the coyotes, but you can also bring around other wildlife, like racoons, possums, bobcats, etc. Are these stray cats they’re feeding? That’s only putting the cats at risk as well. Just like making it so the cats come around, the coyotes also know now where a food source is, and they will continue to come around-- because regardless if it’s a cat or cat food, they’re going to be able to eat something.

I would see about getting ahold of wildlife management or your landlord to see what steps you guys can take to keeping yourselves and the animals safe.

Take care in the mean time.

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