I'm doing ok but it still sucks

Does anyone feel like this. I have an awesome gf who understands the deep depression I have. Good job. New truck. But I still feel like suicide is always there and my thoughts about it still run high. Does anyone else feel like this


Yep, totally. I get it. I have a wonderful wife, family, job, and church community but yet I am constantly surrounded by thoughts of suicide. The thing is my friend, that is the curse of mental illness. We who are suffering with depression, anxiety, etc can’t just stop thinking about it that easily right? Just like anyone who has a physical illness, it takes time to heal and manage our pain. Be patient and gentle with yourself dude. I know it’s not easy, especially on the dark days. But you are not alone my friend. I’m glad to hear you have an amazing partner who understands.
Stay strong!

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Yes. I have a partner who is compassionate, gentle, patient and understanding. He has helped me in more ways than I could ever ask for. We have a really good and close relationship. The first time in my life that I have had such a healthy and happy relationship.

But despite how happy we are, I still fight with depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s very hard on me. And it’s not something that has been very easy for me to open up and talk about. Though I did share some of what I go through here

It’s not easy. It’s hard. But no matter how hard I struggle with these feelings, I try my best to keep fighting. I try my best to channel my energy into things I enjoy. For me, it’s my passion for art. I’ve been trying to learn how to better work with acrylics. It doesn’t take away from how I feel but it helps. Next month I’ll be staying with a close friend so I can get out and be around a friend. Which I haven’t done in years and just take a breather for a while.

Im sorry you are hurting my friend. Do you have access to a therapist that you can talk to?

I think it’s great that you have a good job. What do you do? And what are some things that make you happy and bring you enjoyment?

What are some things you want to accomplish in your life and relationship that would bring you happiness?

I hope you get feeling better my friend. We are always here to offer encouragement and support.

I know this battle. I face it every day. It breaks my heart when I see others battling it too. You are not alone.

So much love

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I work at a small business called SteelShad. I love doing jiu jitsu it helps so much

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