Im done and i cant go on anymore

I cant do this anymore…im in a poly relationship. im happy with them…but im scared they are ganna break it off with me. The guy in the relationship…he took my Virginity…i feel alone. Im scared they will leave me…my mom took away my comfort stuffy…and my current sketchbook. I cant use the new one till the current one is filled…im finally just done…there is not point anymore…id be better off dead…im scared to go to school tommarow cus a 19 year old who turns 20 in February…we kissed…and i feel unsafe and uncomfortable around him…im only 17 turning 18 in October…i think im hitting my breaking point…im just done…


Consider that you can be “done” without being dead. It sounds like you have limited control of your life, as indicated by your mom taking away your sketchbook. I know it feels awful to be insecure in a relationship. It also must hurt to be in a relationship while feeling alone at the same time.

I don’t know why you’re worried about a possible breakup, but feeling alone while in a relationship, indicates a need for some kind of a change. I think I’d feel pretty much “done” too, if I was in your situation.

You need to talk to someone who can help you sort out your feelings, and maintain stability while you face these troubling issues. If there’s no one close, dial 211, and you can connect with someone that way.

You’re 17. Changes in your life are inevitable. You will have more freedom. You will have your ups and downs, but I think you’ll have enough moments of joy to make it all worth it.


Thank you. My boyfriend re assured me he is not breaking up with me. I am hopefully moving in with my aunt out of state this summer. I will fond out after i talk to her momorial day weekend. She is ganna talk to my mom after we talk. I just hit a rough moment and figured posting here is better then hurting myself.


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